Prince Harry Is Crushin’ On Jennifer Lawrence!!!

jennifer lawrence prince harry

Psshhh..and she doesn’t think she is a sex symbol!!!

Jennifer Lawrence has been busy brushing off multiple studly suitors, but none as debonair as her latest admirer, Prince Harry!!!

The royal is so smitten with the Oscar-winning leading lady that he has invited her to rendezvous in New York when he returns from his four month stint in Afghanistan this May.

A friend of the dapper prince disclosed:

“He has given his flunkies a list of Hollywood hotties he wants to attend. Harry has a thing for all of them, but Jennifer’s his number-one girl right now.Harry thinks Jennifer is a girl after his own heart — very chill and out for a good time. Harry is looking for a serious relationship and is ready to settle down. And the way he’s thinking right now he could end up with a Hollywood wife.”

Well, he does like the rebellious ones!

Guess Harry is wayyyyyy over Cressida Bonas. She can’t possibly be as charmingly clutzy and chill as Jennifer anyway.

J.Law would definitely be an entertaining addition to the Buckingham palace, let’s just pray she won’t slip up and give the queen the middle finger when they meet! LOLz.

[Image via WENN.]

Mar 14, 2013 9:12am PDT

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