Prince Jackson Whisked Away To An Emergency Room After Crashing His Motorcycle — Details HERE

prince michael jackson motorcycle accident


On Thursday, it was reported that Prince Jackson was rushed to the hospital after getting into a motorcycle accident earlier in the day. It’s said the crash happened early in the morning and was caused by the rain soaked pavement in Los Angeles. Oh no!

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While the late King of Pop’s son had severe enough injuries to be driven to a medical facility via an ambulance, the 20-year-old was okay enough to post a pic on Instagram. Alongside the snap (above), the celebuspawn wrote:

“Well shit…”

Well, at least Paris Jackson‘s brother is able to have some humor surrounding this situation.

According to TMZ, he has no broken bones and was released not long after arriving at the emergency room. Apparently, Jackson bounced from the hospital and made it — on time — to his morning class at Loyola Marymount University. Color us impressed!!

Regardless, we hope the young man takes it easy on his bike from now on. Ride safely, bud!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Nov 2, 2017 2:22pm PDT