Rachel Dolezal May Be Keeping Quiet, But Not These Celebs! Read Their Reactions To The NAACP President’s Resignation!

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Rachel Dolezal — the white woman who bizzarely claimed to be black while applying to and heading the Spokane NAACP — canceled her planned news conference Monday, instead posting her resignation on the chapter’s Facebook page.

While the 37-year-old “transracial” woman has remained quiet, her celebrity critics haven’t.

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Twitter was abuzz with her detractors, and a few supporters. Perhaps no one was more vocal than the always opinionated Montel Williams, who put Rachel on blast:

Ch-ch-check out even more Twitter responses, many of which used humor (below):

Rachel did have a few supporters, though:

What do you think of Rachel Dolezal’s resignation?

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Jun 15, 2015 7:00pm PDT