Revenge Gets INSANE For Season 2!

Revenge Season Two Spoilers!

What crazy*ss twists are in store for Emily Thorne??

Revenge‘s show runner, Mike Kelley, recently spilled a bucket of season two secrets, and we picked them up for you!

Kelley confessed season two is gonna open exactly like the pilot:

”For season two, we flash forward to the end of summer again and then a real terrible event that occurs. and then we bring the audience back to the beginning of the summer. We also open with a quote much as we did in the first season. This one is about destiny. It’s about whether you have a hand in your own destiny or whether it’s all laid out for you. So this season is all about free will vs. fate.”

He suggested that destiny will be a theme through out the whole season. According to the showrunner, the theme will involve her newly discovered mother played by Jennifer Jason Leigh:

“Mother is coming, and she’s got some deep psychological issues. So Emily’s going to do a lot of reflecting on whether she’s genetically programmed to be a little bit unhinged like her mother — who is actually very unhinged. You’ll see the mother in the present day. And it’s a big surprise as to what happened to her.”

UGH! Why won’t he tell us what happened to her noooow!

Making us wait is the type of heartless move we would expect from Miz Thorne, but not a blabbering showrunner!

Guess we, and all you impatient Revenge fans out there, are just going to have to wait till the show comes back at there new time (don’t forget that) Sunday at 9!

Jul 28, 2012 12:20pm PST

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