Sesame Street Is Moving To HBO! Will Your Kids Still Be Able To Watch??

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This is pretty exciting!

HBO and Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit group behind the hit children’s show Sesame Street, have made a deal that will bring the next five seasons of the show to HBO and its streaming services this fall!

This is fantastic news as the deal allows Sesame Street to increase the production of episodes from the 18 that it currently does to 35!

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On top of that, the new deal has stated that a spinoff series based on the children’s show will be created as well as another new educational show for kids!

But don’t worry — if you don’t have HBO, you haven’t lost Elmo and gang!

After nine months of programming only on HBO, the show will then be free on PBS, where it’s lived for the last 45 years. Sesame Street will also still be on the air this fall as well, showing re-edited episodes from the past few years.

Chief executive of Sesame Workshop Jeffrey D. Dunn spoke about the exciting news by saying:

“The partnership is really a great thing for kids. We’re getting revenues we otherwise would not have gotten, and with this we can do even more content for kids.”

This comes at a much needed time for the kids’ show as it’s been hurting the last few years. Not only have ratings been declining over the years due to streaming services, but recently they had to cut back on the number of episodes that they produced!

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HBO also licensed more than 150 episodes of the puppet show to their streaming library, as well as a couple other shows produced by Sesame Workshop!

Richard Plepler, the chief executive of HBO spoke about his excitement for the partnership by saying:

“We were instantly thrilled for the opportunity to bring an iconic series like Sesame Street to HBO. Sesame Street stands for excellence and quality in children’s programming, and we stand for excellence and quality in all programming. If we are going to lean into that and start to do more, we want to associate ourselves with a brand that is consummate to ourselves.”

We’ve always loved Sesame Street and think is is AH-Mazing news! Anything that will help to bring the show to another generation of kids is okay by us!

Aug 13, 2015 12:56pm PST