Get Ready For More Theo James & Shailene Woodley! The Last Divergent Book, Allegiant, Will Be Split Into TWO Movies! Release Dates HERE!

allegiant will be split into two moviesss

Hey Initiates! We’ve got some AH-Mazingly exciting news for you!

Allegiant, the third installment in the Divergent series, is going to be split into two different movies!

So that means there will be more time for us you to ogle at the all too beautiful face of Theo James!

Color us extremely excited!!

Oh, and we guess Shailene Woodley will be there too! LOLz!!

Summit announced the split officially via their Twitter page along with the release dates for both movies!

They tweeted:

We can’t WAIT! Though, knowing what happens in the last book makes us a little sad about it!

We wonder if they’ll stick to the source material or change it to make up the ending that so many movie-goers are expecting to see!

We’ll just have to wait and see!

[Image via DyD Fotografos/Future Image/WENN.]

Apr 11, 2014 1:11pm PDT