Phew! Taylor Swift’s Safe & Sound After Her Security Team Takes Down A Superfan Who Rushed On Stage Mid Concert!

taylor swift security takedown

So scary!

Over the weekend, a Taylor Swift fan rushed the stage while the blonde beauty was performing at San Diego’s Petco Park for her 1989 tour. Luckily, the starlet wasn’t in any major danger as her bodyguards were on their A game and took down the on stage crasher.

It’s said that the superfan was Christian Ewing, who had snuck into the concert and repeatedly evaded being tossed by the stadium’s security. Whomp, whomp.

Nonetheless, when Christian made a dash for the stage where four members of the security team tackled the unwanted guest. Reportedly, the 26-year-old put up quiet a fight which resulted in one of the guard’s breaking a rib. Ouchie!

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Meanwhile, T.Swizzle never lost her chill and continued on with the show like a totally professional. We feel like we’re having deja vu — does anyone else remember the grabbing incident from earlier this month?!

Way to SLAY girl.

We know Tay Tay loves her fair share of special guests but you have to be INVITED guys. Next time, buy tickets for her meet & greet. Remember, boundaries are important people!

Or, you’ll end up like Christian who was booked for felony and misdemeanor battery, and obstruction. Oh, and his bail was set at $35,000. Yikes!

We hope Taylor will be able to Shake If Off and enjoy the rest of her tour. Fingers crossed!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

Sep 1, 2015 7:18am PDT