All The News Bloopers Fit To Print! See The Best, Worst, Wackiest, Most NSFW Moments On Live TV Broadcasts HERE!

best worst tv news bloopers

After a reporter dropped an F-bomb and quit while live on the air this weekend, we got to thinking…

We’ve seen an awful lot of awful moments on live news broadcasts over the years. But which are the best of the worst?

We’ve gathered some of the craziest, most NSFW live news mishaps of the past couple years, and here are the top ten:

10. KTVA’s Charlo Greene gives her two word notice by saying “f*ck it” and quitting on air!

9. Erykah Badu tries to kiss a reporter on live TV! Can you believe he rejects her??

8. Sky News’ Chief Political Correspondent Jon Craig drops an F-bomb not once but TWICE while reporting from Westminster!

7. Speaking of twofers, this goat can’t stop head butting poor Linda Carson!

6. A Canadian reporter makes a huge mistake insulting Mike Tyson – and he reaps the sh*tstorm.

5. KTLA’s Gayle Anderson gets multiple parking tickets while doing a piece about cars!

4. A North Carolina reporter challenges a cheerleader to a splits contest and ends up splitting his pants!

3. WKRT’s Siobhan Riley points out traffic on a map and inadvertently draws a giant penis!

2. A reporter accidentally eats cat vomit on the air!

1. Denver’s KDVR, scrolling through helicopter crash photos, accidentally shares a photo of a penis with the viewing public!

Sep 22, 2014 5:36pm PST

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