Next Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Facing Serious Backlash Over Some Old Tweets!

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Jon Stewart‘s Daily Show replacement has been found!

And less than 24 hours later, so were all the skeletons in his closet!

Well, that’s not exactly true, these aren’t Trevor Noah‘s highly guarded secrets that are causing a bit of a scandal. They’re tweets.

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Right there out in the open, in public. So what did he tweet that’s got people concerned?

We’ll break it down for you (below):

First, let’s talk about some sexism:

OK, these are pretty crass and juvenile. We especially aren’t into the body shaming aspect.

But in the comedian’s defense, they were from over three years ago. Maybe he’s grown out of this kind of thinking?

Still, not a great sign.

The other thing that’s bothering some folks on social media is Anti-Semitism. Critics have shared these tweets as evidence:

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Is he really Anti-Semitic? Is he really sexist?

This old tweet is something of a crossover:

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While some are asking Comedy Central to change their decision based on the tweets, others are coming to Noah’s defense, pointing out he’s just a comedian poking fun at everyone and everything.

Shouldn’t comics be given leeway to say the wrong thing now and then? We wouldn’t like a world with no edge at all.

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But then again, how much distasteful material does it take before you just have to consider the source just plain ignorant — and therefore wrong for something like The Daily Show?

What do U think??


[Image via Trevor Noah/Twitter.]

Mar 31, 2015 2:18pm PST

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