We Are So Lucky!


Perez leads a very charmed life. And he doesn’t take it for granted!!!

Every day we are extremely thankful for our blessings, such as getting to meet many of our idols.

Thursday night, Pretzel attended the Fleetwood Mac concert at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, and he had the very special privilege of meeting Miz Stevie Nicks. STEVIE NICKS!!!!!!!

She is a legend. A gypsy. An ageless soul. And she is as kind and warm as you’d expect.

As always, Stevie dazzled in the show! Her voice conveys so much wisdom, and it cuts straight through our heart and into our soul.

Unfortunately, there was far too much Lindsey Buckingham in the concert. WAY too much.

Dude, chill! Seriously.

You are there to service the songs and service the audience. NOT service yourself.

Buckingham is a gifted guitar player. We know that. He knows that.

Does he really have to take a long-ass guitar solo in practically every song???? Ughhh! We miss Christine McVie!

But, despite Lindsey’s grandstanding and ego-stroking, the concert was a lot of fun. Those songs are classic. And Stevie is a goddess!

[Perez’s t-shirt courtesy of Every Little Counts.]

May 29, 2009 12:14pm PDT

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