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Lots Of Potential

| Filed under: Exclusives!VH1Reality TV

Word on the street is that Vh1 is working on a show called Celebrity Rehab.

They are currently filming at the Pasadena Recovery Center.

Very interesting!!!

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46 comments to “Lots Of Potential”

  1. Partick says – reply to this



  2. pk says – reply to this



  3. silentPROtext says – reply to this



  4. Edith says – reply to this


    It won't be as good as INTERVENTION, but they can try.

  5. christopher- omaha,nebraska says – reply to this


    no shit!!!!!!!!! by the way, isn't perez hilton so addicting? I say fuck myspace! Welcome perez!

  6. Stating the Obvious says – reply to this


    Where were you when they first started talking about this show months ago. Get updated, kiddo.

  7. vanessa says – reply to this


    vh1 has the most addicting shows!

  8. tamantha says – reply to this


    great more lilo coverage, expect the ex mrs federeline to check in soon, free publicity!

  9. TampaTina says – reply to this


    How sad. That's frickin' sick. I'd watch it though.

  10. gIANA says – reply to this


    that would be some good TV. But not so good for the celebs. trying to recover the last thing they would want is a camera in their face when they are trying to get better.

  11. jelly says – reply to this


    it is very interesting. i hope they come through with it!

  12. chacha says – reply to this


    Who is on it? so many choices… who is low enough right now to do it though…

  13. The REAL Patrick says – reply to this


    I'm creeped out, the first comment was by "Patrick" and the second was by "pk" which are my initials.

    Is someone trying to steal my identity?

  14. emily says – reply to this


    haha, Stating The Obvious is right… it's called "CelebRehab" and has been in the works for a long time. your beloved mary carey is one of the "celebrities".

  15. Gella says – reply to this


    thats where LiLo can recover her carrier, well if that she has any left

  16. Amy bo says – reply to this


    Isnt rehab supposed to be a private thing? I dont know what "celebrity"- besides david hasselhof- would actually agree to be followed around with a video camera in rehab– isnt the mediaa the reasson wht there there anyways

  17. Kelly S says – reply to this


    VH1 has the best best best shows specially when your hungover. After a really fun night an episode of I luv the 80 saved my life once.

  18. Courtney says – reply to this


    that's a little too personal, don't you think…
    and yes vh1 does have the most addictive shows haha

  19. staceyQ says – reply to this


    my friend works there! it's only been like one day and it's completely insane! CAN'T WAIT!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

  20. GreenMnM says – reply to this


    Get Out!!!

  21. staceyQ says – reply to this


    (hey my comment didn't post!)
    Yes, it's true my friend works there and said it has been like one day and it's COMPLETELY INSANE!! CAN'T WAIT! CAN'T WAIT!
    It looks more like a hotel in sunset plaza than a rehab! (LOVE the pool!)

  22. Sick of it all says – reply to this


    Can TV sink no lower? There's a reason why I don't re-up my cable.

  23. nonya says – reply to this


    VH1 was filming something similar to this in South Florida About five years ago. They found their subjects at halfway houses, had them check out, go home, get high and go back to rehab.

    I love the Lindsey dirt as much as the next one. I also love all of the b.s. reality tv on VH1. But rehab isn't "Celebrity Fit Club", far from it. There is a reason why the "Real World Rehab" stuff never aired. VH1 should stick to drunken porn sluts.

  24. E says – reply to this


    This would be a terrible idea. I am sick of hearing about the so-called "rehab" that the celebrities go to. We could just watch the Travel Channel and check out the best hotels. Same thing.

  25. Sugar Cookie says – reply to this


    Daniel Baldwin is on the show! I've heard that he may be hosting it, but I am not sure.

  26. kyle olson says – reply to this


    very smart idea!

  27. jen says – reply to this


    kick em when they're up
    kick em when they're down

  28. FlareGun says – reply to this


    It's probably not going to be Lohan, I'll bet it's that Baldwin moron who was on Celebrity fit club and also probably that punk from Grease and maybe Bridget Nielson or whatever?

  29. LM says – reply to this


    It's a sad sad celebrity world! I love it!!!

  30. Jesse says – reply to this


    Maybe that's the roll that Britney worked for.

  31. bayareahyphy says – reply to this



  32. PRC alumni says – reply to this


    I was a resident there in May 2006. I might have to go and revisit.. That place is a far cry from Promises. It's bare bones basic.. in the middle of nowhere Pasadena.

  33. lc says – reply to this


    cant wait. im so effing addicted

  34. Mandy says – reply to this


    Bridgitte Neilson's on it for sure, right? And then a nice sprinkling of the usual suspects… maybe Danny Bonaduce? Jeff Conaway is in. The Corey's have a show now, so I guess they're out. Please god no Janice Dickinson… I think we've all suffered enough.

  35. HOLLY-wood says – reply to this


    nick nolte or whatever should be on it.
    along with lilo, britney, and a handful of others.
    it should be a good show.
    maybe itll help me kick my addiction too.

  36. peggy says – reply to this


    This is fucking sick. Making a joke of a very private and personal struggle. "Celebrities" such as Lindsay, Britney, and Nicole have already eroded rehabilitation and made it a joke. Southern California rehab where the celebs come and go are not like regular treatment facilities where issues are dealt with and practical, proven solutions are put into place.

    The executives who came up with this concept are idiots and should be locked up as they don't have any idea what a substance abuse issue is.

    I am disgusted with this concept. No wonder American television is in the toilet - every thing in life is now part of a "reality" show.

  37. jay says – reply to this


    I bet you anything it will be a bunch of nobodies that no one has ever heard of before

  38. Rich Stoned says – reply to this


    DUDE !! i live rite across the street from where they're filming that ! it sux cause the bastards take up all the parking and peace fullness we once had !

  39. ctothek says – reply to this


    Jeff Conway from Taxi is in it. Retarded and harmfuln idea for a show. These people need to realize there not "special" to get sober.

  40. sara says – reply to this


    This show is by Dr. Drew and its actually to chronicle a real celebrity rehab and it's pretty itense - it's not just a quick weight loss show but it really goes through the steps of rehab IN THE CENTER itself and the counselling and all the drama.

    Puck left because he couldn't handle the reality of it - he thought it'd be a show he could just get some fame out of but its actual to "rehabilitate" people with Dr. Drew.

  41. vivkiv says – reply to this


    China is so weird, so is Bridgette or Bridgitte.

  42. Rash Manly says – reply to this


    Tom Sizemore of the canceled VH 1
    show SHOOTING SIZEMORE will soon be
    on television in a new series following Tom's new life in prison.
    Tom Sizemore's jailhouse reality show is called POOP CHUTING SIZEMORE.
    Rash Manly therashreport.com

  43. Kasha says – reply to this


    Jay is probably right. Definitely have mixed feelings about this. Seems wrong really, but I'd rather these folks but in some rehab than none and some of them can't afford quality rehab otherwise because they're way broke.

  44. kit says – reply to this


    what about the "real people" in the rehab? has anyone taken them or the lack of help they will be recieving because of the show???

  45. Lance says – reply to this


    They (the rehabbing celebrities and whores) played a softball game Friday night against the rehab staff, stacked the team with ringers like Jose Conseco, and lost anyway! Reports are that blowhard Danny Baldwin can actually play ball.

  46. Crackhead says – reply to this


    Danny Baldwin was kicked out. Something about Mary Carey and sex.