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This seems strategic.

Not one or two but four new Britney songs have leaked! Someone's trying to create a little "buzz."

We hope these don't end up on her album. None of them are bad, but they are far from spectacular.

Of the bunch, this is our favorite.

Everybody features a sample of the Eurythmics classic Sweet Dreams.

You can never go wrong with that!

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233 comments to “Everybody”

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  1. eunuchism says – reply to this


    very strange…but okay.

  2. Skitty says – reply to this



  3. Kathleen says – reply to this



  4. John says – reply to this


    She sounds like a pig.

  5. dedawg says – reply to this



  6. smokemonster says – reply to this


    i'm sorry, but she has a horrendous voice and i cannot stand to listen to her. she is *not* famous for her singing abilities!

  7. mellynda says – reply to this


    awesome. I heart it.

  8. Brandy says – reply to this



  9. Judit says – reply to this


    I have heard this song a trillion times and never liked it…

  10. Betsy says – reply to this



  11. im scared says – reply to this


    im scared if this is the best one. i want my 3 minutes back.

  12. JT says – reply to this


    yeah not awesome but ok

  13. DEz Nutz says – reply to this



  14. dd says – reply to this



  15. danielbb says – reply to this


    …..The new Britney tracks that leaked today (except Everybody) all appeared on a demo CD that was recorded in 2005 for The Original Doll album. Because the songs won't be used, Jive records decided to send them to different sources so they'd leak them and this way, make good promotion for Brit's new album by giving a preview of the new sound she's going for and to also give fans something to listen to until the new record is out. About 18 more demos are said to become available throughout the week……

  16. dd adf says – reply to this


    dddd a aed

  17. Ben the Cheese Monkey says – reply to this


    First to say how bad is this ?

  18. Milla says – reply to this


    EVERYBODY! Her Career is so over!!!!!!

  19. discoparis says – reply to this


    hmmm…….its all been done before
    lack of innovation??—>time to retire girl

  20. Cat says – reply to this


    She still can't sing.this album is gonna be a shit

  21. kaity says – reply to this


    it's about time you posted something…unfortunately, it's not interesting.

    find something good!

  22. Eric Daniel says – reply to this



  23. WWW.JOEYROB.COM says – reply to this



  24. Dave Holden says – reply to this


    Crap music.

  25. burak says – reply to this


    ugh ! cant stand to her voice couldnt they do something like they did on gimme more??

  26. BB says – reply to this


    "Can't control": two words repeated in all her new songs and which define her current behavior. Unconsciously she knows she needs help.

  27. ilena says – reply to this


    such a stupid "pop tart" song. Brit, I knew you when you used to hide out at barbara r's house in bev hills to "get away"….you really were grand at that time….however, just a suggestion, why don't you start doing some "souful" music and stop this pop-tart shit. TIME to show the aging brit fans better.

  28. beautystar says – reply to this


    This is nothing original I am sorry but the wigs and the drama with that chick will only cause laughter and more breakdowns for her please please someone get her new help because the ones now are not helping at all!

  29. jodie says – reply to this



  30. sassysnake says – reply to this


    I'd say if the rumours are true that she pulls in over seven hundred thousand a month for doing nothing….then she should keep doing nothing cause this is pure crap.

  31. KLo says – reply to this



  32. Kayla says – reply to this




  33. Melissa says – reply to this



  34. Patrick says – reply to this


    Not great, not awful. If it wasn't for the Eurythmics sampling, though, it would be just another unmemorable Birtney song. I wish she'd quit singing like she had a clothespin on her nose.

  35. siyose says – reply to this


    Quite frankly, considering her year…everything that she's put out from the new album sounds quite good. I mean, it's not great, but wouldn't it be silly to leak your great sounds(?)…I think she's trying to just test the waters…before she floods our bodies.

  36. JarJar says – reply to this


    Britney = thumping, growling and heavy breathing
    Eurythmics = interesting musicality in an experimental vein
    So did Britney use Eurythmics to give her poor excuse for radio fodder some gravitas? Does it matter? Ever since that horrible performance at the LAX opening she sickens me. Before that, I was willing to give her a chance. No more.

  37. sam says – reply to this


    well, it's okay…

  38. liz says – reply to this


    ummmm not so good…why is everything so computerized….we could all sound that good with all the tech support

  39. Cathz says – reply to this


    Had a glimmer of coolness, but in the end, sucked. Brit. You can do better than this. Lame.

  40. Helga says – reply to this


    Wow, just more proof that a no talent can generate "buzz".

  41. Leota says – reply to this


    It must be my speakers cuz that stunk. Sounded more like the Chipmunks in one of the Christmas Albums. ewwwwwwwww

  42. tinkbell13 says – reply to this


    Horrible. At one time, she could sing…. somewhat. Now, her "lollypops" have really wracked her voice. I guess for a comeback you need to be able to sing and have had some talent. She NEVER had either, so I really do not see this as being her comeback.

  43. jj says – reply to this



    That's disappointing. I hate it.

    It sounds like she's not even opening her mouth and is singing straight out of her nose.

  44. olga says – reply to this


    i dont like it..

  45. puke says – reply to this


    "sweet dreams" is so done. sorry, but it's been covered and sampled way too often. britney's should have the finacial means to buy more creative people and ideas.
    the fact that the exxperiences she's made these past few years don't cause her to grow artisticaly, is the best prove that unfortunately she was never more than a nice product. too bad. i had hoped she'd come out of all this shit with interesting material. but it's all too predictable.

  46. Good Luck says – reply to this


    Good luck to her…..she'll need it.

  47. HA says – reply to this




  48. the immature girl says – reply to this


    drop it!

  49. Apple Bottom says – reply to this


    That stuff she is putting out is horrible, all the Britney fans are in denial.

  50. dudette says – reply to this


    well, at least he still has the voice

  51. Ant says – reply to this



    I'm so gay, this is me singing britney's new song Cold as fire


  52. Barf says – reply to this


    Somewhere, Annie Lennox is trying to shoot herself. Ruined a damn classic. And the majority of the Britney Twats wouldn't know who the Eurythmics are anyway.

  53. fAGALISIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says – reply to this


    YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!!!

  54. What the? says – reply to this


    Wow…this sucks. I can't believe she still makes music.

  55. Tonya says – reply to this


    Can't anyone do a song without sampling? She's tired, and it doesn't matter what kind of wizardry they do with production. The bitch still can't sing, and needs to take a bath and get her life straight.

  56. bakes says – reply to this


    It doesnt sound bad to me but I am 58—I have old ears——–

  57. Erin says – reply to this


    You can't even understand the dumb whore, she's moaning and singing so hard through her goddamn cocaine hole.

  58. MctoucherFarragon says – reply to this


    doesn't sound bad considering it's a pop song.. Looks like she's gonna have a great comeback.. good for her!

  59. Mellz says – reply to this


    My ears are bleeding. Hang it up already girl!!!!!

  60. melissa says – reply to this


    me like

  61. YeaNOT says – reply to this


    I LIKE this one! Although, I love the original song, so maybe that helps…

  62. P-Nasty says – reply to this


    This one is pretty bad. Gimme More is still the gold star…

  63. tess says – reply to this


    stop the insanity already. None of her shit is worth listening to.

  64. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says – reply to this


    um . . . did she actually buy the rights to that song?? If not, I hope Annie Lennox sues her behind and takes whatever K-fed didn't get his grubby little hands on :P

  65. kbcan says – reply to this


    Her voice really is terrible. And she seemed to be a good singer when she was a kid. I sure wish she would stop with the little girly voice and the moaning.

    As a musical artist, she has not evolved 1% from her first recordings. A sure sign that she really never had any talent to begin with, and it is strictly her producers that contributing to her success.

  66. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Hellooo….Jive knows these songs are no good, that's why they won't make the album!!!!!!

  67. megmamom says – reply to this


    my ears HURT

  68. emmafrog says – reply to this


    pretty boring …

  69. Miss Sassy says – reply to this


    Ugh. She is ruining a great song.

  70. B says – reply to this


    Holy Crap that was mos def the worst one yet..I have to go flush my eras out now..thanks

  71. slashslut says – reply to this


    the sample is the only thing that doesn't suck! it makes me want to download "sweet dreams". the eurythemics rock!

  72. jade says – reply to this


    you can go wrong with that, perez. yes you can - and she did. awful!

  73. Kat says – reply to this


    This is horrible!!!!!!!!!! Her voice is too nasally and froggy on this song. She would never have made American Idol if she auditioned.

  74. Exyank says – reply to this


    Uhm. Okay. Whatever. I kinda like the Eurythmics sample, but I like the Eurythmics. They, unlike Britney, were highly original and have actual talent.

  75. Melissa says – reply to this


    I like it, it is definitely the best song of the four. Her album is gonna pretty cool I think and I can't wait until the VMA's. Girl is gonna rock it!

    Go Britney!!

  76. wtf says – reply to this


    How have that many songs been leaked??

  77. bini says – reply to this


    britney is da beef in da soup!

  78. Brynn says – reply to this


    Rock it at the VMAs? I definitely will be throwing rocks at my television screen if I have to listen to anymore of this crap. Melissa must have rocks in her head.

  79. yeah ok says – reply to this


    Now why would you post a cover song or a song sampling the Eurymythics which actually sounds bad compared to the other three songs, which ARE pretty damn good! Especially Been a While! Why wouldn't you post Been a while?? or even Your Heaven, if you thought Gimmie more was good. Her range and style actually sounds different then her older stuff and she sounding more like, omg do i dare say it, yeah an Artist…give the girl some props.

  80. Lucie says – reply to this


    No likey…she better make a super sexy vid for it or flash her vajayjay PRONTO. Of what i've heard so far only the remix of the first leaked song is listenable.

  81. nicole says – reply to this


    BLAH! and hello?! the Band Stefy covered Sweet Dreams in their song Chelsea which was out earlier this year which was so much better- brit's dated.

  82. susumii says – reply to this


    she´s totaly raping the melody and the song. you should think she would (after all she has been trough) write more emotional lyrics. blah britney blaah

  83. S. says – reply to this


    #4 John said " She sounds like a pig"
    That song is horrible!

  84. NtheRAW says – reply to this


    That woman needs to learn how to write music all SUCK!

  85. Brit + JT 4EVER says – reply to this


    I LOVE BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. me says – reply to this


    She should burn in hell for ruining a classic like sweet dreams

  87. San Fran Treat says – reply to this


    CRAP! And it's sad it's not even orignal Crap!

  88. carla says – reply to this


    nice uptempo song… type of music u get to gether with your girls and creat dance moves… not really exciting

  89. enthusiast says – reply to this


    sounds like the stuff from her first album, the beats and all..

  90. Richard says – reply to this


    Love it, amazing - nobody does it better

  91. fR00r says – reply to this


    this one sounds ok ..

  92. soooz says – reply to this


    I really like it a lot…..props to Brit it will be a hit with the teens.

  93. One of the worst, not the best says – reply to this


    Very bad. The chorus sucks. P-man…I am usually spot on with you, but not for this one! The chorus seems off key. Only a few spots in the song match the music…did they not know what music they were going to put in the background? This was IMO the worst of the lot! I'm sorry for you Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics!

  94. Christina S says – reply to this


    this one isn't that bad but it's not going to compete with Celine Dion

  95. f. says – reply to this


    i wonder why producers still waste time, money & energy on her. frankly, hearing her singing about "my body naked" "so seductive" etc. makes me laugh, after the whole world has seen the real cheerios-eating, pimple-faced, greasy-haired (when available) britney, for so long.
    f. from italy.

  96. sa says – reply to this


    this is really good, i love it.

  97. shannen says – reply to this


    i actually like this song, and "been a while" is kind of cute as well.
    the other songs are borderline okay, but definitely not good.. and that's coming from a britney fan.

  98. my comment says – reply to this


    Now why would you post a cover song or the one sampling the Eurythmics. You know for a fact thats the worse out of the bunch, because the others ARE pretty damn good. What wouldn't you post Been Awhile……SERIOUSLY why not Been Awhile?? or even Your Heaven, if you thought Gimmie More was good. Her range and style actually sound different compared to her older stuff, she even sounds more like, omg do i dare say it, an artist…give the girl some props. Post Been Awhile and you'll see different reviews.

  99. Matt says – reply to this


    OMG I love this actually!! I plan to download it tonight….. I hope her album does great cause I miss her and I've loved her from the start :)

  100. AtlantaNative says – reply to this


    They need to stop "leaking" this crap because it is not helping. Gimme More actually sounded like something decent even though it would have been better with another female artist on the track….but everything that's come out since then is complete doo doo. Maybe it's reverse psychology…put out the absolute worst stuff they can find so that when she comes out with something mediocre it sounds awesome to the idiots who will fall for that. If I was Annie Lennox I'd be PISSED!

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