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Keep Your Pet Safe During Easter With Dr. Patrick Mahaney!

| Filed under: HealthSickPetsTipsDr. Patrick Mahaney

Easter is one of the best holidays of the year!

Good food, chocolate eggs, what could go wrong?

Well, if you have a pet - then there's a lot that could go whacky if you're not careful.

Good thing for you, and us, Dr. Patrick Mahaney is here to remind us how we can keep our precious pets safe for the holidays:

"Could Your Easter Celebration Make Your Pet Sick?

Easter and the spring season are a time for celebrating new life. Traditions include egg hunting, decorating, and feasting, especially on chocolates and candies. While these are all great ways to celebrate the holiday, they each pose potential threats for your furry friend.

Chocolate candies, decorative plants, and Easter eggs all harbor a probability for toxicity. Animals are innately curious and the interaction or consumption of any aforementioned objects can land you and your pet in the emergency veterinary clinic. Be prepared this holiday and follow these tips to ensure your pet remains a part of the happy celebration!

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Don't Give Your Doggie The Flu With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

| Filed under: SickPetsDogDr. Patrick Mahaney

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

We're still in flu season in the U.S. and just because a dog can't tell you their nose is stuffy, doesn't mean they can't get sick.

Did you know that pets can actually get sick from us?? Even from the flu!

Good thing Dr. Patrick Mahaney is here with some wonderful tricks for keeping your pet happy and healthy:

Do you realize human influenza virus can transmit to pets? Are you taking precautions to prevent transmission of zoonotic disease (those capable of interspecies transmission).

Considering that people can be infected regardless of vaccination status and that not everyone will be immunized, it’s important that we recognize the potential for humans to pass a microorganism like the influenza virus to our pets. Yes, your dog or cat could contract the flu from you.

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Keep Your Pet Safe During Winter With Dr. Patrick Mahaney!

| Filed under: HealthPetsTipsDr. Patrick Mahaney

Winter may be beautiful, but it's also very chilly!

And if you haven't already taken the necessary measures to keep your pet safe during this cold season, Dr. Patrick Mahaney has a few wonderful tips that will definitely keep your baby in good health:

Wintry Climate Changes:
Frostbite happens when the skin is exposed to extreme temperatures, which restricts blood flow to the body’s surfaces. Reduced delivery of oxygen and nutrients and removal of metabolic waste contributes to cell damage or death. Body tissues become cold to the touch and appear pale pink, white, or even blue. Unresolved frostbite can progress to gangrene, which requires ongoing and costly veterinary medical and surgical treatment.

Hypothermia occurs when body temperature drops below the normal range of 100-102.5 +/- 0.5 in a healthy cat or dog. In order to preserve the vital organs (brain, heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs), blood flow to the extremities (limbs, feet, ears, etc.) is restricted. Hypothermia also contributes to frostbite.

Exposure to moisture increases your pet’s likelihood of developing frostbite and hypothermia. A healthy fur pelt or moisture repelling-fabric coat can provide limited protection from nature’s assault. Geriatric, juvenile, mobility compromised, and sick pets are more prone to suffering negative health consequences of exposure to wintry weather.

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New Years Resolutions For Your Pet With Dr. Patrick!

| Filed under: HealthPetsTipsDr. Patrick Mahaney

The new year just showed it's face once again, and while we tend to always think about New Years Resolutions for ourselves — Dr. Patrick Mahaney wants you to make some changes for your pet as well!

If you want to make a difference in your adorable loved one's life this year, just follow these tips:

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Daylight Savings Time And Autumn Pet Safety With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

| Filed under: HealthPetsDogCatTipsDr. Patrick Mahaney


As we've fallen back in time (sorta!) and prepare for the winter months, it can mean a lot of changes for us AND our pets!

So what are some things we can do to protect our furry friends?

Luckily, Dr. Patrick has our pets' backs as always, and following the tips below can help treat your pet to a winter wonderland of fun and safety!

Daylight Savings Time:

The days are getting shorter and the nights longer so darkness can be factor in your pet's safety.

If you are going to walk your pets, try as best as possible to walk them during daylight hours. If you're a bit more vampiric, making sure your pet is under control, leashed, and has proper id tags/microchips is the next best option.

Leaves, Plants and Mushrooms:

While we humans LUHV to jump in piles of leaves, it can cause a bit more serious threat to our four legged critters.

Leaf blowers may cause startling noises that can upset pets and leaf decay and upset their stomachs as well.

Flowers and mushrooms like to bloom in the fall as well as some can be toxic if eaten. Most mushrooms are non-toxic however death caps should be avoided.

Some flowers can be nasty for your pet include: Meadow Saffron/Autumn Crocus, Clematis, and especially Chrysanthemum.

Making sure you take the neccessary precaution can save your pooch or kitty from a tummy ache!

Mice and Other Rodents:

When you're cold, rats, mice and other rodents get cold too!

Many families like to put down rodenticides to get rid of pesky critters who sneak inside the house to stay warm.

As always, making sure your pet doesn't ingest these chemicals is key.

Have a pet question? Email us at tips@perezhilton.com or you can tweet them to Dr. Patrick HERE!! OR Check him out on facebook

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