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Justin Gaston News Archive

Have Miley and Justin Broken Up?!

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Oh, say it ain't so!

Poor little Justin Gaston might need a new girl to molest hang out with, because he and Miley Cyrus may be done!

As the Hannah Montana star prepared to leave Los Angeles for a while to go film her new movie, The Last Song, sources say that she and Justin said their last "goodbyes" on Sunday night.

It's probably for the best, as Miley will be extremely busy filming this movie, designing a clothing line, touring the country, and preparing for a new season of Hannah Montana.

And Justin will be busy with…bitching on his Twitter, we guess?

He's getting a head-start, getting all emo and pretty much confirming he and Miley are through: "Haven't been this miserable in a looong time."

It's all good, Justin. Once you return to obscurity, it will be easier for you to move on. Just don't turn on the TV or the radio or go to the movies or to Walmart. No sense in reminding yourself what you lost.

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Miley's Boyfriend Talks…Like An Idiot!

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In a new interview with Details, Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus' 20 year old boyfriend, discusses his life and the media all while managing to formulate words into sentences.

Here are some HIGHlights:

If he could be anyone else:
"[I'd be] one of those little lapdogs that gets petted all day. You know, they wake up, get fed, get attention. I like attention. I'd like to be one of those little dogs. Is that weird?"

On rumors he lives with the Cyrus':
"I live in an apartment in North Hollywood with two guys!"

On the media:
"I have nightmares about paparazzi. I always have these, like, flashing things in my dreams. They're so scary. I was going to tweet about [the paparazzi] the other day, but I was afraid people might be, like, mean to me, which they often are. Please don't be mean to me on Twitter. I'm just a guy. I'm just a guy with a dream. I don't know what that means."

Shut up and take your shirt off!

Models don't talk for a reason!

During his interview, Justin's iPhone continually rang but he would not identify the caller. He eventually hurried off to take the call in private.

We wonder how it feels to owned by a 16 year old girl?

Sit. Stay. Good dog.

Living the life, Justin!

[Image via WENN.]

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Older Boyfriend Brings Miley Cyrus Closer To God!

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Praise Justin Gaston!

Slutty Cyrus credits her ever-growing faith to her 20-year-old boytoy!

"I've never been closer to the Lord since I met him," Miley gushed of her boyfriend, who Cyrus thinks "is like, the coolest guy."

Is the "Lord" the tween pop star's codeword for Justin's you-know-what??

We kid, we kid!

As Jesus would have it, the uber-religious Gaston has been adamant in making bible study a part of his relationship with the underage Miley!

"He's really made me read my Bible," says Cyrus. "He's made me actually read the stories in the Bible - not the quick little verses - that not only help me, but show you how to help other people."

Do U think Justin has asked for forgiveness for his "sins" with 16-year-old Slutty???

[Image via WENN.]

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