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Osama Lutfi News Archive

Osama Fires Back!

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Sam Lutfi is striking back at accusations that he is trying to harm Britney Spears and insisting that he isn't a creepy slimeball. He's suing the Spears fam for defamation and battery.

In new papers filed on Friday, Brit's former manager is saying that the pop star is actually the one reaching out to him through text messages, despite a court order against it, although he does also admit that he's delivered messages through Britney's hairdresser and ex-boyfriend, Landing-Strip Adnan. He insists that the messages were in no way harmful.

Lutfi's lawyer, Bryan Freedman, tells People that "I don't think anyone would want to have on public record allegations of behavior that weren't committed. A restraining order to is protect someone against stalkers and people who want to commit violence, and that description doesn't fit my client."

Daddy Spears and his legal team, however, are saying that Lutfi, Ghalib, and their lawyer are working in cahoots to "disrupt the conservatorship with utter disregard for Ms. Spears's health and well being," and that Lutfi allegedly sent Britney's hairdresser a message which read, "I've done everything I can to free her from [the conservatorship]. Very close to getting her free now."

Leave Britney alone!

It's expected to all go down this Wednesday in court.

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Brokeness Prompted Osama to Sue?

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, 'Sam'?

According to a new report, former Britney Spears hanger-on, Osama 'Sam' Lufti, is in some money trouble.

Is this what prompted him to sue Brit's poppa and momma for big bucks?

Apparently, 'Sam' is this close to foreclosure, as he's $18,507 behind in condo payments.

And, it's also been revealed that a bank filed a lawsuit against him last month, because he hasn't been paying a $7,966.98 credit card bill.

We're so glad Brit's being protected from Shady Sam!

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Osama Lutfi Files A Lawsuit Against The Spears Family!!!!

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It's war!

Britney Spears's former manager, Osama Lutfi, has just filed a lawsuit - on Tuesday - against the singer's parents, Jamie & Lynne Spears, PerezHilton.com has learned exclusively.


For defamation!

Lutfit's lawyer, Bryan Freedman, exclusively tells PerezHilton.com:

“This lawsuit is being brought as a result of the defamation, ridicule and harassment of Sam Lutfi by Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears. A thorough investigation has revealed overwhelming evidence from independent witnesses, showing that Lynne Spears knowingly and maliciously publicized devastating false information about Lutfi which destroyed his reputation, irreparably harmed his career, and subjected him to constant scorn and humiliation.

At the time of the trial in this action, the jury will have an opportunity to weigh the credibility of the witnesses. In doing so, it will be faced with two threshold questions: Why would a supposedly loving mother write a tell all book about the sordid details of two of the most devastating nights of her daughter's life and go on countless talk shows for her own profit? And why would a loving father who deems his daughter to be incompetent, thrust her into a massive world tour only to subject her to the very limelight that threatened to shatter her life, for something other than his own personal gain?

The facts of this case will reveal Jamie and Lynne’s conduct in light of these questions. It will unequivocally explain the motivation of two people who are seemingly willing to destroy anyone and anything that gets in the way of their ability to control and profit from their daughter. Through this action, the truth about Jamie, Lynne and their relentless desire to control Britney Spears and her fortune will be revealed.”

Wow. Wow. Wow.

[Image via WENN.]

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Osama Wanted To Be Britney's New Conservator!!!!!!

| Filed under: Britney SpearsLegal MattersOsama LutfiAdnan Ghalib


As we mentioned earlier, Britney Spears and her camp have obtained a restraining order against douchebags Osama Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib.

The court documents have just been released and they reveal all the dirty details.

O & A hired an attorney and then found ways to contact BritBrit, telling her that she was being used for her money, that she wasn't crazy, and that they could help her gain full custody of her kids - if she overturned conservatorship to Lufti of course.

THAT would be the worst thing ever!

Lufti's shady attorney, Jon Eardley, sent BritBrit a letter early last year stating some of thefollowing highlights:

"You may not be aware of the fact that your civil rights were violated.

I have developed a legal strategy for you that I am confident will turn everything around, and ultimately garner you full custody of your children within approximately 30 to 60 days.

They will not be happy until they have denied you your freedom and milked you for your last dime. The custody case, as you know, is nothing more than a flat out extortion scheme, with your children being used as pawns.

Your case will continue to spiral until they have denied you your freedom, your children and your assets.

All I want is to see you win. I do not want anything in return and am willing to volunteer my time with you to see to it that you are successful in this custody case. I am not interested in publicity, money, or anything other than seeing you obtain full custody of your children.

Please recognize that aside from some anxiety and depression, which are totally normal under these circumstances, there is nothing wrong with you, but that the court system routinely engages in character assassination to conceal its internal bias and to break you down.

What they ultimately want is to get you into a conservatorship; at that point, your freedom will be denied, giving them the full opportunity to steal all of your money and to deny you any access to your children.

Unfortunately Brit's attorneys claim "both Mr. Lutfi & and Mr. Ghalib have disappeared and are intentionally avoiding direct contact with Ms. Spears or Mr. Spears' security," making it hard to serve them with the restraining order.

A hearing regarding the restraining orders has been scheduled for February 23.

[Image via WENN.]

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Brit Afraid Of Her Former "Manager" - Seeks Restraining Order!

| Filed under: Britney SpearsLegal MattersOsama Lutfi


Just when things are starting to go well for Britney Spears, we have to hear of those douchebags - Osama Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib - again.

Thankfully, though, Spears has just obtained a restraining order against the two fucktards!

BritBrit's attorneys even went to court this morning to get the injuction.

An inside source says that Brit asked her conservators to "protect her from Sam and Adnan." Adding that Brit also told her conservators she was afraid of the two and wants them locked up in jail.

Reports are that Lufti and Ghalib apparently conspired to try and undermine her conservatorship "in a way that would have been extremely harmful to her."

Lutfi's attorney, Jon Eardley is apparently tied in to the conspiracy as well.

What shit were those douchebags planning?????

[Image via WENN.]

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Stay Away…Forever!

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No one is quite sure why, but….

Osama Lutfi has voluntarily agreed to stay away from Britney Spears for at least another month, delaying a hearing that could have made the restraining order against him permanent.

Lutfi and Spears' conservators agreed to have the restraining order extended for 30 days, said an inside source who declined to be named because the agreement had not been formally approved.

A judge is expected to approve it today.

Lufti and BritBrit's people would not comment on this recent development.

"There is an agreement between Sam Lutfi and the conservatorship for the next 30 days," says Lutfi's rep. "Both parties are happy and will continue to work together to further resolve any issues that may have come up in the past."

Britney is doing SO MUCH better now that Shady is out of the picture. We hope he stays gone!

[Image via WENN.]

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Under Investigation

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It's confirmed!

The Los Angeles Police Department are "looking into" the allegations that someone drugged Britney Spears, but have yet to decide if opening a formal investigation is necessary.

Looks like they're following up on claims BritBrit mom's made - that Sam Lutfi drugged her daughter and tried to control her life!

The restraining order against Osama is still in effect. And, he got served! Praise the Lord.

The pop tart is also still under the court-ordered 'care' of Poppa Spears.

We're just glad that she appears to be doing better!

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