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Atkins-Style Diets Can Do More Than Help You Lose Weight! Find Out How They Can Help Your Mental Health HERE!

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In addition to helping you lose weight, low carb diets can help your mental health!

We've all heard the health benefits of low carb Atkins-style diets and how they can help you drop a few pounds!

But did you know they can also be good for your brain??

New research has shown the Ketogenic diet (as similar low carb, high protein diet) has shown signs of helping fight the symptoms of depression and even

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Sharon Osbourne Lookin' Fit And Trim Promoting Atkins!

sharon osbourne atkins mario lopez extra diets

Atkins is totally working for Sharon Osbourne! We can really tell, and she probably looked killer on her recent double date!!

That just shows us it's a perfect fit for her! It might not be the perfect one for EVERYONE, but at least we know it works!

Plus, after that Atkins craze a bunch of years ago, it's just nice to see that it wasn't all fad — and that they chose an amazeballz spokesperson!

These pics are from Extra! at the Grove with Mario Lopez! Sharon was there to talk about the diet and how it's working!

So fab!

[Image via RHS/WENN.]

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Sharon Osbourne: Pic Proof Of 11 Pounds Down!

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Sharon Osbourne 11 Pounds Atkins

Okay, so maybe this is just an excuse to post a pic of the already flawless Sharon Osbourne, but we'll take it…

Check out how fab she looks!

Girl has lost 11 pounds in two weeks on the Atkins diet, which she's now a spokesperson for.

She's doing it because she'll be turning 60 soon, and wanted to step through that door with style — and rock hard abs!


Amazing, Sharon!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Ozzy Osbourne No Longer Vegan!


Talk about flipping a 180!

Sharon Osbourne has announced that the Atkins diet has been her newest inspiration on weight loss and she even became their spokeswoman!

And it seems like Ozzy has jumped on board too…

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Sharon Osbourne Is The New Face Of Atkins!

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60 is the new 50!!!

LOLz! Those are Sharon Osbourne's words, not ours — but they could be absolutely true!

Apparently Sharon has decided to be the new spokeswoman for the Atkins diet, which seems to have dwindled since it was such a fad a few years ago.

Nonetheless, she has been doing it for a little bit now… and has lost 11 pounds in two weeks!!


If U want to follow her journey, you totally can!

Not only is she talking about it on The Talk (above), but you can go HERE for a more up-to-date look at her journey!

So fab!

60 is gonna look good on you, guuuuuurl!

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Atkins Study Finds Women On A Diet Think About Food More Than Sex

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Atkins study

This is inneresting.

An Atkins study has found that the majority of women think about food more than sex when they are in the midst of dieting!

A survey of 1,290 women in the U.K. revealed 54% thought about food more than sex, while 25% felt dieting was more important than their relationship!

Yikes! Those girls are serious about their weight!

Maybe a little TOO serious. Atkins' Chief Nutritionist, Linda O'Byrne, warns that these women may be trying TOO HARD to lose weight, explaining:

"Dieting should never become an obsession. This is not healthy as it can be counter productive. The last thing anybody wants is for their diet to have any kind of negative impact on their life."

Yes! We absolutely agree and think the best diet is one that can be sustained for the rest of your life — regular exercise and healthy food!

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Dukan Diet Making American Debut

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Dukan Diet Making American Debut

3.5 million copies of the Dukan Diet have been sold in France, and yet almost no one in America has heard of it.

But not for for long.

The diet book will debut America next month, and it’s expected to make a splash… although we’re not sure it SHOULD.

Experts say the Dukan Diet is nothing more than a fancy name for “Atkins Diet.”

The New York Times explained it this way:

“His own diet's high-protein, low-fat approach is organized into four phases: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization. The first encourages dieters to eat as much as they want of nonfatty, protein rich foods, including oat bran (a key component) washed down with oceans of water. The second stage introduces vegetables, but no fruit; the third brings with it two slices of bread, a serving of cheese and fruit and two servings of carbohydrates a day, with two weekly "celebration" meals with wine and dessert (the diet is French, after all); and the final stage six days a week of "anything goes" and one day of reversion to strict protein-only stage one — for the rest of your life.”

One of the most important things to consider when starting a diet is whether or not it’s sustainable. Ask yourself if you can see yourself sticking to the diet for an entire year — or more.

If not, try something else. Quick fixes many times are just that — quick. You’ll gain the weight back once you get off the diet.

[Image via AP Images.]

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