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Selena Gomez Sparks Outrage Again After Her Bindi-Adorned Performance At The BMAs!

Selena Gomez offends Hindu rights groups again with her bindi at the Billboard Music Awards

Déjà vu!

Selena Gomez was criticized (and asked to apologize) for wearing a bindi during her Come and Get It performance last month at the MTV Movie Awards, but that didn't stop her from wearing it again at every subsequent performance, including at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night.

And once again, Selenita's Bollywood-inspired routine at the BMAs has offended Hindu groups and leaders, who have called it

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McDonald's Opening Up Vegetarian Location

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McDonald's will be opening up its first ever vegetarian restaurant!

The meatless location will be opening in Northern India, near the Golden Temple in the Sikh city of Amritsar.

The spokesman for McDonald's in India said:

"It will be the first time we have opened a vegetarian restaurant. There is a big opportunity for vegetarian restaurants [in India] as many Indians are vegetarian."

The restaurant was already pretty food conscious in that part of the world because many Hindus and Muslims don't eat beef or pork, so chicken was already being substituted in most meals.

Now they're just cutting out all the meat.

Maybe they'd open one here in the U.S. because vegetarianism and veganism are becoming so popular.

We can only hope for such a healthy dream to come true.

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15,000 Rats Live At The Hindu Rat Temple

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In Northern India, there is a Hindu temple dedicated to worshipping the deity Karni Mata.

Though she isn't the only deity worshipped at this temple… 15,000 rats live like kings inside.

They believe that the rats are reincarnated people who will eventually die and be reborn as humans.

But until then, the rats are cared for and fed by the priests of the temple.

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Russell Brand And Katy Perry's Divorce Pisses Off The Hindu Community!

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russell brand and katy perry divorce pisses off hindu community

We're right there with ya, Hindu community! This SUCKS!

Last week, we were VERY sad to hear that Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry due to irreconcilable differences.

Then, we learned that Katy actually asked Russell to file for divorce instead of her…so she wouldn't piss off her evangelical Christian parents.

We're not sure exactly how her parents took it, but we know a group of people who are NOT taking the divorce well - the Hindus!

Here's what Hindu statesman Rajan Zed had to say about it:

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Yvonne The Cow Escapes Death, Continues To Be On The Run

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Cooooowww on the run!

Yvonne, the six-year-old German cow, escaped slaughter from a farm in Muehldorf, Germany back in May and has been on the run ever since.

Since then, she's lived in the Bavarian countryside, making a new life for herself.

Authorities have permitted hunters to shoot her, afraid that she was going to cause harm by running traffic. Animal right activists, however, are doing everything in their power to save her. They've even tried sending her best friend and her own family members into the wild to attract her, but "Yvonne only took a look at them from a distance before running away again."

Even the Hindu community has gotten involved, asking for German authorities to withdraw permission for hunters to shoot her.

The most HIGHlarious plan was having an animal communication expert come in to communicate with her:

"I spoke to her yesterday and she said that she was fine but didn't feel ready to come out of hiding. She said she knew that Ernst had been waiting for her but that she was scared. She said she thought that humans would lock her up and she would no longer be free."

LOLz OMG! To be honest, we think that's probably exactly what was going on in Yvonne's mind.

Keep running, gurl!! Be freee!

[Image via Josef Enzinge.]

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