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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Go All Out With Their Baby Shower Invitations!

kim kardashian and kanye west go all out with their baby shower invitations

If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's invitations are any indication of what to expect from their baby shower, it's going to be pretty big!

Kimye sent out some invites to their guests earlier today, but they didn't send your average, ordinary RSVP or save the date card! They sent out fully functioning music boxes with an adorable, dancing ballerina inside!

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Kim Kardashian Sends Out Musical Baby Shower Invitations!

kim kardashian baby shower invitations

Kim Kardashian's singing career never really took off after that infamous video- or her music video either! LOLz!

But here's something that's music to our ears- Kim's

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Prince Albert Of Monaco And Fiancee's Royal Guest List Revealed!

prince albert II of monaco guest list revealed

Who knew Mel Gibson was buddies with royals?

Last month, we learned that ANOTHER royal wedding was coming up for Prince Albert II of Monaco and former South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock.

At the time we had heard that they want LOTS of guests, and now their guest list has been revealed.

Some of the members of royalty on the invite list include

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Time's Running Out! Kelsey Better Get Divorced ASAP!

kelsey grammer needs to get divorced asap

Kelsey Grammer and fiancee Kayte Walsh definitely MAY have jumped the gun when they booked the Plaza Hotel for their wedding celebration on Feb 25 AND sent out invitations!

Kelsey's already spent $100,000 to rent the Plaza's ballroom, and he's probs going to have to spend a whole lot more to get out of his current marriage in time for his new one.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

"Kelsey and Kayte have booked the Plaza ballroom for the reception. Despite the lavish surroundings, they want an intimate wedding with less than 150 guests. Kayte has laid out all the details, all the timings. The room will be decorated all in white, including a white cake. There will be a very tight guest list, and they won't allow cameras in. They're flying a lot of Kayte's family members in from England and putting them all up at The Plaza."

It all sounds wonderful, but is it even a possibility? Last we heard, Kelsey still has a hurdle or two before he'll be granted his divorce from Camille.

According to a source though, Kelsey is confident that they'll settle everything in time.

Guess we'll see if he's able to work everything out in just a few weeks.

At this rate, he'll still be negotiating divorce papers the day before he walks down the aisle!

Do U think Kelsey will be granted his divorce in time for his Feb 25 wedding?

[Image via WENN.]

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New Details Emerge About Katy & Russell's Wedding

new details emerge about katy and russells wedding

Sounds like Katy Perry and Russell Brand had quite the wedding!

Here's what an insider had to say about the event:

“The wedding was so fun that it was almost exhausting!”

More from the insider:

“They put everyone up at the Aman-i-Khas and even had saris and turbans sent to everyone’s rooms so they could wear them to the rehearsal dinner.”

The insider said that the wedding party was orchestrated by Beverly Hills party planner Mindy Weiss. The Indian themed party included a hookah lounge tent, dance tent, and many daily activities for all the guests.

Here's what the insider had to say about the wedding invitations:

“The invitations were really cool because they were done by the same guy who made the Barack Obama ‘Hope’ election posters."

As for family, the insider said that Russell's mom was his only family member in attendance.

Here's what the insider had to say about some less-than-awesome aspects of the wedding:

“The only bummer to the wedding is that it was so hot in India and they had all the tents air conditioned, so a lot of people got sick from going in and out of the heat and cold."

“They had no band and no performer at the wedding, just a deejay."

And here's more wedding awesomeness, according to the insider:

“One of the cutest things is that Russell rode into the ceremony on an elephant, but there was another elephant walking beside his because apparently they’re fraternal twins and can’t be separated or else they’ll both have panic attacks.”

Those elephants sounds adorbs! And overall, it sounds like it was a wonderful wedding!

Would U want to have a wedding in India? Where would your dream wedding take place?

[Image via WENN.]

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new details emerge about russell and katys wedding