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Taylor Swift Gets Some Meredith Love From Katie Couric With A Meredith Swag Bag!

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What can you give the girl that has it all, including a super ADORBz kitty?

More pictures of her super ADORBz kitty!

While Taylor Swift is showering the world with Meredith twitpics, Katie Couric is showering TaySwift with Meredith swag!

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The Biebs Is Bound For Springfield! JB Makes Simpsons Tweet Then Deletes It

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Justin Bieber Simpsons Springfield Tweet Deleted Season 24

Oh, Bieby!

You didn't honestly hope to slip anything past your army of loyal Beliebers, did you??

We are elated to report Justin Bieber will have a featured cameo in a Simpsons episode in early 2013.

According to his Twitter feed, he's already put in the work!

He said:

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Selena Gomez Shows Us A New Side For The EMA Awards

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Check out this HIGHlarious promo for the upcoming MTV EMAs hosted by the fab Selena Gomez>!

We don't want to ruin too much… but remember her rhyming skills in that video she did with Super Bass?

So rad! Watch the video and see a side to Selena that we've never seen before! SWAG!

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Dianna And Sebastian Are Heating Up!

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Sounds like things are getting serious!

Ever since her split from Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron has been spotted with new man Sebastian Stan, and according to sources close to the couple, it may not be just a rebound, after all!

The Glee star was spotted at the Carrera Sunglasses Escape Sunday afternoon, where she was overhead telling friends how she and Stan are "in a really great place," before picking him up sunglasses and other swag!

Aw! So sweet!

She made sure to get him a present! So thoughtful!

Glad to hear you guys are doing well!

Keep it up, we like you two together!

[Images via WENN.]

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Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/Diddy Has A New Name!

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The Artist Formerly Known as Diddy has announced that he has a new name for himself. After recovering from the flu and drinking a six-pack or forty, Sean Combs posted this video (above) to unveil his new tag - Swag.

But the name's only for this week. After that, he'll let us know what we should call him again.

If you try to follow the logic, you're just going to hate yourself, so just except the foolishness and move on.

P.S. - Is anyone else getting flashes of The Mighty Ducks while watching this video??? LOZ!

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This Is The Last Place Lindsay Should've Been This Weekend!

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Stealing Collecting SWAG! WTF???

Honey, we think you have enough!

Rather than spend her weekend working on her defense for her felony grand theft charge, Lindsay Lohan was spotted racking in the free goodies at a pre-Oscars gifting suite.

Oh, and not just any suite - the most expensive, elaborate one of the weekend. Sources reveal she walked away with everything from shoes to makeup to…jewelry!

Well, at least no one can say she took things without permission…but darling, was this really the best use of your time? You already have TONS of swag - remember that hoarders-eque special you did for The Insider?! This weekend should have been about getting your head in the game over your upcoming trial.

Where are your priorities, girl?!

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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Alexa Chung Complains About Getting Too Much Free Stuff

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alexa chung gets too many freebies

Woe is her!

While being interviewed by Elle UK, Alexa Chung admits that she cannot handle the massive amount of free swag sent her way.

She said:

"I get sent a fair amount of stuff—but it's not all things that I'd have chosen. It makes you question your own taste sometimes. Do I even like this? My house is tiny and I can't fit things in. So if my mum or my friends don't want it, I send it back or give it to a charity shop. It's worrying to think how much those things are worth. When you get it for free it's like, 'Oh, this thing,' and then you see it in a magazine and f**king hell, it's £2,000! Meanwhile you've been scrabbling around in festival mud in it."

So sad. A true tragedy.

[Image courtesy of Elle UK.]

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