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Jack Nicholson's Dream Job Was To Be A Chef?!?!


Too bad his famous fiery passion ruins his chances!

In the early days of Jack Nicholson's career, the actor was a short order cook between gigs.

But when a female client gave him some harsh criticism, Jack didn't take to kindly to that!

He describes the incident:

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Ashley Cole Jumps Out Of Car To Attack Soccer Fan In London

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Ashley Cole fight

It sounds like Ashley Cole has one heck of a temper!

The English soccer player, who was once married to Cheryl Cole, allegedly jumped out of a car with his entourage in tow and took a swing at a soccer fan of an opposing team!

He was caught on camera approaching a 25-year-old man (who prefers to remain anonymous) on a London sidewalk this past August after the man involved admits he yelled out, "Cashley!" as Cole's chauffeured car drove past.

The nickname was given to Cole by fans after he left Arsenal to join rival team Chelsea for more money. The man who was nearly punched by the soccer player described the incident to sources, saying:

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Kobe Bryant Facing San Diego Battery Charge

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KObe Bryant san diego battery

It's been a while, but Kobe Bryant is in legal trouble again.

The Los Angeles Laker player allegedly ripped a cell phone out of a man's hand at the St. Theresa of Carmel Church in San Diego last month.

Kobe claims the man was trying to take his picture, but that is no excuse for battery. The San Diego police department referred the case to the city's attorney, but think it would be best filed as a misdemeanor battery.

If convicted, Kobe faces a maximum of 6 months in jail!

Seems like a lot for knocking a cell phone on the ground, but he's gotta control that temper. He is, after all, Kobe Bryant. Is it really that shocking that someone would try to take a picture of him?

[Image via WENN.]

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Tom Hardy Talks About His Batman Bane Body

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Tom Hardy bane

Ever since the first photos of a buffed up Tom Hardy emerged, we've been tingling with anticipation for his upcoming flicks which take full advantage of his fabulous physique.

First up, he'll be showing off that ripped upper body as a fighter going toe-to-toe with his brother in the mixed martial arts drama Warrior. With a versatile list of movies in between, he'll finally be appearing on screens next summer in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises as Bane — a portrayal that the internet hasn't stopped talking about since his name was in the running for the role.

Take one look at the creepy picture above and you'll easily understand why! His body has morphed as quickly as his career did. After appearing in the blockbuster Inception, the former drug addict and self-described "f*ck up" packed on the muscle to become a bona fide Hollywood A-lister!

His bodies transformation for his latest release wasn't easy either! Hardy went on a no-carb, no-sugar diet that he says turned him "foul-tempered, belligerent and unreasonable", explaining:

“99 percent of the job is imagining other people’s insecurities, and that went out the fucking window! I felt very sensitive and I hate pissing people off – but I f*cked a lot of people off on Warrior.”

Despite his trouble past, the actor has learned from his mistakes and is ready to move full-steam ahead with a new philosophy to guide him undoubtedly toward more success, saying:

“I used to have one foot in the future and one foot in the past worrying about what didn’t happen. Since I’ve started being in the present, the work has come. My focus now is being the best I can be.”

Check out Tom being the best he can be in the ring this September in Warrior!

[Image via WENN.]

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Ronaldo Pushes Barcelona Coach

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What do you get when you combine a bloated ego and a short temper? Cristiano Ronaldo knocking the ball out of the opposing team’s coach’s hands.

So stupid.

Ronaldo lost his patience during the game against Barcelona last night and almost started a fight between the two teams.

Keep it together, Ronaldo! You’re not nearly as hawt when you’re acting like a child!

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Tom Brady Throws A Hissy Fit During Last Night's Game

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Settle down, Tom Brady! We know it must be frustrating to be out on the field, but that's no reason to explode like you did! The only thing we find amusing about this video is that he takes the time to fix his hair after he finishes yelling!

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