13 Reasons Why Facing More Viewer Outrage After Graphic Sexual Assault Scene In Season Two…

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As controversial as season one of 13 Reasons Why may have been, it appears season two is picking up right where things left off — and dealing with plenty of outrage and opinions from fans trying to process what they’re watching.

Before we go any further, though — SPOILER ALERT!!!

This post discusses some of the scenes — and some of the controversies — that encompass season two of the hit Netflix show…

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So the key issue here with the new controversy centers on the season two story following Tyler (played by Devin Druid), and his return to the school after being away for a time to better deal with his anger.

The season ends with still-furious Monty (played by Timothy Granaderos) getting his revenge on Tyler by enlisting his buddies to beat him up in a school bathroom.

They slam his head into the mirror and sink before pushing his face into the toilet multiple times. But the graphic part comes next — seriously, trigger warning!

Monty sexually assaults Tyler using a broomstick — and the group runs off, leaving Tyler to bleed out on the wooden broom handle.


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It was graphic enough that Netflix itself decided to warn viewers before watching, with a screen like this that appeared at the start of the show (below):

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Now that’s a warning…

Not surprisingly, fans were outraged and up in arms about the ending, with viewers tweeting into the show and sharing opinions both good and bad about the whole sexual assault scene (below):


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May 21, 2018 7:04pm PST

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