Analyzing The Charts


An industry expert explains to us the current music brawl between Mariah and Madonna, and why Madge has the advantage it seems!

Says our insider:

“You cannot really compare Madonna’s song with Mariah’s because….

-If you look at the complete iTunes singles chart, Madonna is in there 3 times with the same song. All together, she would be much higher than #10. Mariah is only on there once.

– Carey’s song has been on the radio for more than a month while Madonna’s only a week. It is expected that Touch My Body will have a strong first week and go down while Madonna’s will gain airplay and rise on iTunes.

-Madonna’s was available Tuesday while Mariah’s Monday.

– Madonna’s song is #1 on Amazon downloads.

– Also, look at the complete album chart on iTunes, Madonna is also there twice (#3, #22) with the same album, which counted as one, would probably take her higher than #3.”

And there you have it!!!!! Go Mo!

Mar 26, 2008 10:37am PDT