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Bad Bunny Throws Shade At 'Fan' Over Controversial Phone-Throwing Incident In New Song Nadie Sabe

Bad Bunny Throws Shade At Fan Over Controversial Phone-Throwing Incident In New Song Nadie Sabe

Bad Bunny appears to be throwing some shade at the woman whose phone he threw away during a viral incident!

For those who don’t recall, the 29-year-old singer sparked controversy earlier this year. Back in January, he had been walking down a street in the Dominican Republic when a woman suddenly approached him and began recording herself and him selfie-style. But a few seconds later, Bad Bunny then snatched the phone out of her hands before tossing the phone into a body of water. As seen in videos, the woman appeared to look at him in dismay over what happened to her phone. You can take a look at the clip (below):

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Damn!! This fan interaction faced a ton of backlash online. Many argued that even if the woman had invaded his space, Bad Bunny shouldn’t have reacted so explosively and thrown her phone into the water. The Tití Me Preguntó artist addressed the situation at the time in a since-deleted post on X (Twitter), saying:

“The person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect. Those who come and put a f**king phone in my face, I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect, and I will treat it likewise.”

Months later, Bad Bunny is once again speaking out about the controversial incident – this time through his new music. By now you know his new album Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana dropped on Friday, and one song in particular is catching a ton of attention on social media due to its shady lyrics!

At one point on the song, Nadie Sabe, the rapper expresses how feels there are a lot of people who want to see him fail before making a clear reference to the phone-throwing scandal. He raps:

“Tú no ere’ mi fan real, por eso te tiré el celular.”

That translates to:

“You’re not my real fan, that’s why I threw my cell phone at you.”

Ouch. Clearly, Bad Bunny still is feeling salty about what down even though so much time has passed. Listen (below):

We wonder how that woman reacted to being dissed on a Bad Bunny song! While it’s unknown how she feels about it, other “real” fans’ mouths seemed to drop upon hearing that shady line! See a sampling of the reactions (below):

“Ok but not bad bunny dissing the girl who’s phone he threw he really dgaf”

“Imagine Bad Bunny saying on his song you ain’t a real fan and that’s why he threw your phone”

“Bad bunny didn’t just throw her phone but roasted her in his new album”

“rip to the girl who got her phone thrown by bad bunny…unfortunately the north will never forget”

“Imagine being the fan that got their phone thrown by bad bunny and hearing his diss about you”


“Bad bunny is messy for dissing that fan w the phone”

So brutal, Bad Bunny! What do you think about him dissing the phone girl, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments!

[Image via The View/YouTube]

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