Barack Obama Says Being President Made Him A Better Father — Watch The Very Personal Today Interview HERE!

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Barack Obama is such a great father!

The President of the United States doesn’t back off his fatherly duties despite having a lot of responsibilities on his plate professionally — and it sounds like he’s a great dad to daughters Malia and Sasha!

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Speaking to the Today show’s Matt Lauer, the Prez talked about how being POTUS is a very difficult and isolating job, but it has greatly improved his family life and actually made him a better father!

In the interview, the nation’s 44th President revealed he spends quality time every single day with his girls, and his wife Michelle, by balancing his schedule in a very specific way:

“The one time I really can leave it behind is, throughout my presidency, I’ve been pretty religious about dinner at 6:30 with Michelle and the girls. And when I’m sitting around the dinner table, then I’m Dad, and we spend most of our time listening to the girls talk about their days and they are not interested in mine that much.”

And it sounds like Mr. President is even better engaged in his family time than ever before:

“My ability to function as a present father, a guy who is there and engaged, was maybe stronger once I got to the White House than before, because when I was a senator, when I was commuting, the girls were still back in Chicago. When I was campaigning for president, I was gone all the time. And I don’t have trouble switching off when it comes to listening to Malia and Sasha. That is actually a time when I can block everything else out.”


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Ch-ch-check out an extended clip of the interview (below), including a talk about Sandy Hook and more:

Good for Barack! There’s only one job more important than being the President of the United States, and it sounds like he’s doing it very well!

[Image via TODAY Show/NBC.]

Jan 12, 2016 4:25pm PDT