Oscar Nominee Sent Barbra Streisand Fan Letter 48 Years Ago — Here’s What Happened Last Night!

Richard E. Grant has been in the movie business for 32 years. So getting nominated for an Oscar this late in the game hasn’t been about career prospects or street cred — it’s been pure joy.

The Best Supporting Actor nominee from funny girl Melissa McCarthy‘s more serious indie Can You Ever Forgive Me? has been living it up hobnobbing with stars at parties — and sharing the entire experience on social media.

Photos: All The Oscar Party Fashion

And yes, that includes the same amount of selfies with celebs ANY normal person might take to forever lock in the memory:

And on the big night, happy days were here again:

So cute!

But the veteran English thespian was never more starstruck than by Barbra Streisand, of whom he has been a superfan for over FOUR DECADES!

During his trip to El Lay to a couple weeks back he even went all tourist-y and visited her home!

And when he posted the pic — along with a letter he wrote her 48 years ago — she actually responded on Twitter:

Obvi this made his Babs-obsessed heart explode, as he posted:

So the star sighting he needed had to be her.

Then, less than three weeks later at the Oscars ceremony, he finally found someone!!!

And of course he took a selfie!

SO GREAT to see stars actually enjoying themselves at these events!

[Image via ABC/YouTube.]

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Feb 25, 2019 4:33pm PDT