Big Brother Contestant Accused Of Sexually Harassing Housemates With Ice Cream Scooper — And It’s All On Camera!

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What is going on with Big Brother 20??

CBS seems to be completely ignoring some behavior that’s accused of crossing way past inappropriate into the realm of sexual assault — and fans are not having it.

Over the past few days on the BB20 live feed, avid viewers have seen JC Mounduix grab Tyler Crispen‘s junk while he wasn’t looking — and later “scoop” at the genital areas of Kaycee Clark and Kaitlyn Herman with an ice cream scooper.

The housemates all laughed it off, someone called him “harmless” — but many fans are not feeling the same way.

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It’s possible he’s not offending these particular people in this particular context — but can we really be sure they aren’t just playing it off for laughs because they’re too embarrassed? It’s something people do, even when they aren’t in an unusual position of being on TV.

And if he’s getting away with that on TV, isn’t it sending the complete wrong message to young people watching??

See the moments captured on vid (courtesy of TMZ) and get a taste of the outrage (below):

So what do YOU think, Perezcious viewers? Should CBS do something about this or not??

[Image via CBS.]

Jul 2, 2018 6:37pm PST

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