ANOTHER Big Brother WTF Moment As Contestant Gets Transphobic!

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Is JC Mounduix gunning for biggest Big Brother bad guy of all time? Or is he really just this problematic??

First he sexually harasses his fellow housemates with a kitchen implement. Then he full-on uses the N-word while trying to explain what’s offensive to a black housemate.

In the most recent scandal, the BB20 contestant decided to try to use trans as an insult AND once again touch a woman who told him to stop!

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On the BB20 feeds, JC could be seen asking Rachel Swindler:

“Are you a real girl?”

Already ew. If she were trans, she wouldn’t be “real”? Ick. When she says YES in frustration, he keeps pushing:

“There was a comment that you are trans.”

But when Rachel asks who made the comment, he admits, “I did,” before prodding her neck, saying:

“You have a big adam’s apple.”

Rachel is then more patient than we could have been, only swiping his hand away and saying:

“JC, please go to bed and stop talking to me. That’s, like, kind of rude.”

Then he touches her AGAIN!

Obviously plenty of diehard fans watching the feeds were not happy about JC’s next transgression:

Big Brother returns Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS and the live feeds can be found 24/7 HERE.

[Image via CBS/YouTube.]

Jul 31, 2018 7:52pm PST

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