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EXCLUSIVE! Billie Eilish's Music Video For 'Bad Guy' Is Strange And Memorable -- But Is It Also Plagiarized??

Billie Eilish‘s new music video for bad guy was released two days ago, but it’s still so popular that it’s trending on YouTube — and a LOT of people can’t stop talking about how strange, quirky, and memorable the video’s aesthetics are.
But what if the video, directed by Dave Meyers, isn’t as original as you might think?? That’s right — we’ve been tipped off to an earlier artistic photo shoot that has some SERIOUSLY similar aesthetics and shots as Eilish’s new video!!!
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The issue here is that some of the shots in bad guy are remarkably similar to photographic art created previously for Toiletpaper Magazine by photographers Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattelan — and honestly, as you’ll see (below), the similarities are WAY too big to just ignore. (FYI, see some of Ferrari and Cattelan’s work in question by clicking HERE.)
First, if you haven’t yet, ch-ch-check out Eilish’s delightfully quirky and strange video (above). Seems like a pretty original concept, right?! We’d be hard-pressed to think of ANY music video that has looked anything like that! But that’s the issue… when you see some of the comparisons to Ferrari and Cattelan’s work, you might be VERY surprised to see how many parallels there are with the Dave Meyers-directed video.
Here are five MAJOR examples (below), with Ferrari and Cattelan’s work shown in the top half of each pic, and scenes from Eilish’s music video in the bottom half:

Exhibit A — Heads Submerged

Billie Eilish music video copied allegations 1
Ferrari and Cattelan’s work is above; a screenshot from Eilish’s music video makes up the bottom half of the picture. See any similarities? / (c) YouTube/VEVO/Ferrari and Cattelan

Exhibit B — PIgeons!

Billie Eilish's music video for 'bad guy' is coming under fire
Another shot, with Ferrari and Cattelan’s work on the top half, and Eilish’s ‘bad guy’ video on bottom. / (c) YouTube/VEVO/Ferrari and Cattelan

Exhibit C — Heavyweights…

BIllie Eilish music video controversy
Again, Ferrari and Cattelan’s work is shown in the top half here, followed by Eilish’s music video scene. / (c) YouTube/VEVO/Ferrari and Cattelan

Exhibit D — Busted Knees

Billie Eilish's new music video is taking heat!
Another remarkable similarity here between ‘Toiletpaper Magazine’ and Eilish’s new music video. / (c) YouTube/VEVO/Ferrari and Cattelan

Exhibit E — Milk & Cereal

Billie Eilish music video plagiarism accusation
One final look: interesting milk & cereal similarities between Billie’s video and the earlier high-art photography. / (c) YouTube/VEVO/Ferrari and Cattelan

Well, what do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?! These are some pretty big accusations — but as you can see (above), there are some real, legit questions about the similarities between these concepts, too!!!
Let us know your opinions by SOUNDING OFF in the comments (below)…
[Images via Ferrari and Cattelan/YouTube/VEVO]

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Mar 31, 2019 11:59am PDT