Kevin Federline’s Attorney Accuses Britney Spears Of Using The Court System Like Coachella: ‘There Are No Front Of The Line VIP Passes’

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Shots fired!

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are locked in this endless child support battle, and the latest move from K-Fed’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is to TOTALLY call out Brit-Brit in the court of law — and the court of public opinion!

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According to documents filed this week that were first obtained by The Blast, Kevin’s attorney claims Spears is using her status as an “extraordinarily wealthy parent” to take advantage of the procedural systems set up in family court.

His lawyer’s direct quote about Spears’ skirting the system is brutal, too. In the docs, Kaplan wrote (below):

“The California Superior Court is not the Coachella Music Festival, there are no front of the line VIP passes … and the court is interested in doing what’s best for the children, and not for extraordinarily wealthy parents.”


It’s a remarkably aggressive tactic to pull against Spears, who has thus far been resistant to handing over any more than the $20,000 per month she’s already giving Federline as child support money.

Further, Kaplan stressed that Spears has refused to provide records to his client, with all-caps wording noting they have received “NOT A SINGLE DOCUMENT” later in that court filing.

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But Spears, herself capably repped by power attorney Laura Wasser, may be OK after all. A judge reportedly wasn’t convinced that there was any deceit or wrongdoing on Brit’s part, and shut down K-Fed with a continuation in the hearing.

Something tells us this is FAR from the final straw in this ever-ongoing case, but for now, it looks like K-Fed’s going to take his $20K a month and be happy, because things aren’t going to get much better than that, at least in the near future.

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Jul 31, 2018 10:55am PDT