Britney Spears Praises “Cool Girl” Miley Cyrus Even More!!!

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From one seXXXy pop princess to another!

In the past week alone, Britney Spears has called Miley Cyrus “memorable” and “on fire” after her unforgettable tongue-happy VMA performance and now she just can’t stop spreading the love!

In fact, even though she sat down with the intention to discuss her HIGHly anticipated Las Vegas residency, Brit Brit couldn’t help but take a minute to compliment her favorite pasties rocker!

In regards to her collaboration with the fellow former Disney starlet, Brit dished:

“My manager [Larry Rudolph] is her manager and she’s been working on her album lately and I’ve been working on an album, so we hit the studio together a lot, and she’s a cool girl.”

Could there be any higher compliment than Miss Diva herself calling you cool???! We think NOT.

Miley may catching a lot of shade lately, but she has to be doing SOMETHING right if she’s caught the steady eye of this Work Bitch!

Who needs Liam Hemsworth‘s bod when you have such a cool new friend anyway??! LOLz!

Sep 24, 2013 9:01pm PST

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