A 4th Teen Boy Dies This Week! What Is Going On America????

We just don’t understand this at all!!!!

It is with extreme sadness and disbelief that we have learned that a 4th teenage boy has died this week, the 6th suicide death in less 3 weeks.

This is a list we don’t want to keep adding names to!

Billy Lucas, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Tyler Clementi, Raymond Chase and now Caleb Nolt from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

While details of his death remain unclear, we have confirmed with the Allen County Coroner’s Office that the youngster has passed away.

We are hearing from classmates that he was a student at North Side high school in Fort Wayne. We are hearing that he committed suicide. And we are hearing that he was a victim of gay bullying.

Once again, we implore you to TALK TO SOMEONE if you are having very heavy thoughts. The Trevor Project is a great, anonymous, safe resource. Call them!

And if you have a loved on that is going through dark times, talk to them. Get them help!

This is beyond tragic!!!!

Oct 1, 2010 11:50am PST

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