Chevy Chase And Community Creator In NASTY Feud! Actor Might LEAVE The Series!


Wow. This is BAD.

Although Chevy Chase plays the inept, sometimes-villainous Pierce on Community, it appears that the actor himself may not be any better than his fictional, sitcom counterpart – and a feud between he and series creator Dan Harmon has escalated so much that the future of role on the series may be coming to an end!

According to multiple sources, the actor has been notoriously difficult since day one, and walked off the set of the series on the last day of shooting last month without filming one of his scenes – the apparent close-out of the series finale – for which he claimed to not have received the script, while other assert he simply did not find it funny.

Later, during the wrap party, Harmon reportedly got up and not only scolded the actor in front of his wife and daughter, but encouraged the cast and crew to join him in saying “fuck you” to him! In response, Chase left the party, and left his boss an equally nasty voicemail, which has now leaked onto the internet!

Listen (below)!



Especially as you can hear people openly laughing on the recording of his voicemail!

Obviously, Harmon had a good time letting others listen to Chevy’s message!

Such a shame, though! Pierce is a fantastic character, and if he ultimately gets the boot because of all of this, he will certainly be missed!

But honestly, we’re more concerned with the fate of the series than we are with Chevy’s involvement with it! We just want it back for a fourth season!

What do U think?? Team Chevy or Team Harmon??

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Mar 31, 2012 3:40pm PST

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