Rihanna Behind Chris Brown & Drake’s Bloody Nightclub Brawl?!

drake chris brown brawl rihanna note suing

Isn’t this nasty, violent mess OVER with already?! It’s been almost a YEAR since Drake and Chris Brown threw punches — and bottles — at W.i.P nightclub!

BUT, it seems Breezy’s bodyguard, who was sliced by a bottle to the face during the fight, has come forth with some EXPLOSIVE information concerning the battle…

Dude is claiming Drake instigated the entire incident by sending Chris a handwritten note that read:

“I’m f***ing the love of your life.”

Which OBVIOUSLY refers to Rihanna!!!


If this IS true, no wonder Breeze lost his sh*t! Not that we agree or condone either individual’s behavior, but if Drake sent such a provocative, salacious message, Chris’ actions are at least understandable.

Breezy’s bodyguard is now SUING Drake and the nightclub, and is also claiming that the club should have known better than to sit the feuding rappers next to each other.

Aw poor Drizzy Drake… he’s getting sued and he didn’t even get the girl!


[Image via WENN.]

Apr 11, 2013 11:08am PST

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