Could There Be Another Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?


Oh man, if this were to actually happen, we just wouldn’t know what to do!

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure star Alex Winter revealed that he, co-star Keanu Reeves, and writer Ed Solomon are “kicking ideas around” for a third installment to the HIGHlarious series!

Apparently, however, they’ll only move forward if they’re all in agreement on the story, and thus far, everything they’ve come up with has been too dark!

We honestly don’t know at this point if the two of them would be funny in those characters as adults, but if they think they can find an angle that works, we’re all for it!

And anything to cheer up Keanu Reeves!

We’ve seen those sad looking pictures of him all over the internet! He even got a holiday out of it!

What do U think?? Would U see another adventure with Bill and Ted??

Sep 1, 2010 8:40pm PDT

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