Couple Gets Married During A Natural Disaster & The Photographic Result Is Nothing You’d Expect!

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Some wedding photos make you want to go “awww,” while these ones make you want to go “AHHHHHH!” and run for the nearest water source.

Looks like love IS a burning thing, Johnny Cash, because April and Michael Wolber got married in Oregon amidst a huge, raging wildfire!

However, this wedding nearly never happened, because just as April was about to walk down the aisle at the Rock Springs Ranch, the firetrucks arrived.

Firemen told the guests that the wedding had to be evacuated, and thus cancelled due to the close proximity to the flames!

The groom Michael said it was almost a near disaster…the wedding, not the fire:

“I’d call it an all-time low. It was announced that we were going to be evacuated…To get to that final minute before it was going to happen and have everything feel like it was going to fall apart. It was a pretty crazy reality to be in.”

However, after hearing pleas from the pair’s parents, the firemen changed their minds.

See, skeptics! Love does conquer all! Our heart is melting…from adorability, not some great conflagration.

The twosome got through the ceremony in half the time, and then retreated from the fire’s reach to their backup reception location inside a refrigerator…just kidding! They moved to a nearby location at a place called Bend’s Drake Park…last name Park Ever, first name Greatest!

Congrats go out to the pair!

[Image via John Newton.]

Jun 11, 2014 7:04am PST

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