Donald Trump Sexually Harassed A Washington Post Editor After Their Foreign Policy Interview — Get The Deets!

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Breaking news: Donald Trump is hot garbage.

The presidential candidate did an interview on foreign policy with the Washington Post‘s deputy digital editor, Karen Attiah.

But it wasn’t his xenophobic foreign policy that got him in trouble this time; it was what he said to the reporter afterward!

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After Attiah asked Trump a question about foreign policy and immigration policies, the real estate mogul made things personal, as she tweeted on Monday:

Attiah then wrote about her ordeal with Trump, too, writing about the incident:

“As the meeting ended and we were walking out of the room, I thanked Trump for taking my question. He turned to me and said, ‘I really hope I answered your question,’ and added casually with a smile, ‘Beautiful.’ I was stunned. I didn’t say thank you, and I don’t think I smiled. He then walked out to meet with my Post colleagues briefly before heading to the elevator. I stayed in the conference room for a few minutes as it sunk in that the potential GOP nominee for president thought it was okay to comment on my appearance. Did he just say that?”

Apparently, he DID just say that…

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Attiah pondered more about it in a post, too:

“Perhaps he thought that calling me beautiful would make me ignore the fact that he brazenly lied about his polling numbers among Hispanic voters. Or make me believe that he wasn’t really a racist. Who knows? At least now I know, firsthand, that the sexism that Trump puts on display against Megyn Kelly under the lights of national TV is not that much different from how he is in real life toward female journalists.”

Despicable, Donald. Just despicable.

The fact that he didn’t even think about how he was doing this to a journalist, no less… ugh.

Can we be done with this deplorable man already??

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN/Karen Attiah/Twitter.]

Mar 22, 2016 3:37pm PDT