Donald Trump Scraps Multiple On-Camera Interviews — After Realizing He HATES How He Looks On TV!

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Now this is just DELICIOUS!

Donald Trump was supposed to do a bunch of on-camera interviews with both local Detroit and national media outlets this morning ahead of the Michigan primary election, but after the very first one, The Donald decided he’d had enough.

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Not wanting to miss out on TV time, he switched to phone interviews — but the reason why he pulled himself off camera is HIGHlarious!!!

According to a report from CNN, The Donald decided to forgo on-camera chats because he didn’t like how he looked on screen!!!

Seriously, Donald?! LOLz!!!!!

The Donald used “technical issues” as his excuse, alleging there were problems with the equipment in the studio where he was doing the remote interviews, but three (!) sources told CNN that’s a flat out lie!

One source reported that producers could hear The Donald’s cosmetic concerns before switching to phone interviews, saying:

“He didn’t like the shot. But he didn’t realize that his microphone was on for everyone to hear.”

Another source claims that the real state mogul said, verbatim:

“I don’t like the way I look. Just tell them there’s technical issues.”

What??? Ha!!!

Ch-ch-check out Trump’s morning TV hit — before he scrapped the rest — for yourself (below). Do you think he looks bad???

Trick question! Ha!!!

[Image via FOX 2 Detroit.]

Mar 8, 2016 5:13pm PST