Watch The Moment Josh Peck & Drake Bell Reunited At The VMAs!

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What’s better than finding out two feuding celebrities have made up? Watching their chummy reunion!

Thanks to Josh Peck documenting his entire the MTV VMAs experience for YouTube, we got to see the moment he and Drake Bell came together following their very public beef.

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In the clip, Josh surprises his former on-screen step-brother backstage and hilariously begs Drake to call off his Facebook fan army — who are apparently still harassing Josh for not inviting Drake to his wedding.

But given the history between the former Nickelodeon stars, one reunion just wasn’t enough. So, Josh staged a second reunion for his YouTuber friend David Dobrik, who only made things slightly awkward by bringing up the wedding again.

Watch Josh’s behind-the-scenes VMAs video (below) to see the amazing reunion!

[Image via YouTube.]

Aug 31, 2017 5:23pm PDT