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Drake Admits He & Nicki Minaj Had Whopper-Sized Beef! Find Out Why Nothing Was The Same Since The Feud!

drake nicki minaj feud tuscan leather nothing was the same patched up

“Not even talkin’ to Nicki, communication is breakin’/ I dropped the ball on some personal sh–, I need to embrace it.”

Those are lyrics from Tuscan Leather, the opening track of Drake‘s super-fresh album Nothing Was the Same!

Back when he penned that gem, he and label mate/former bestie Nicki Minaj weren’t on the best of terms! In fact, they weren’t on any terms!

Now Drake says that issue is solved, but, listening to him speak, we aren’t so sure!

Explaining the thought process going into his new album and that song, the Degrassi star admitted:

“That line in ‘Tuscan Leather’ isn’t exactly where I am in my life right now but like a year ago…eight months, seven months ago, it was how I felt. I’d done something wrong and I wasn’t speaking to her… I think the dialogue actually between us was already opened up. I had already solved that issue. I wrote that a while ago and I kinda felt guilty changing it. It was a sentiment that I had when I started this album and felt like that’s how it should be. The album should start one place and end in another.”

Sadly, he wouldn’t spill the beans on what precisely put so many beez in Nicki’s trap, but we’re glad the issue was resolved!

Or was it really?

What did Her Minajesty say about Tuscan Leather? Was she royally miffed he aired their dirty laundry!?

We don’t know! Drake doesn’t even know!

He revealed:

“I haven’t talked to her since it’s been out. I’m not sure [what she thought.] I haven’t spoke to her.”

Whoa! Drizzy’s album came out last Tuesday and he hasn’t talked to Nicki since then?

Wouldn’t a friend make a congratulatory phone call? Or at least send a text? A friggin’ emjoi?

Maybe they aren’t back to being bestiez just yet!

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Sep 28, 2013 07:01am PDT