Courtney Love Tells All In Upcoming Book About Her Fame And Sobriety Battles


Courtney Love did an interview with The Fix and dropped numerous bombshells about her addiction battles.

With her views on sobriety and her admittance to the occasional drink or two, the interview sparked widespread chaos among addicts and recoverers alike.

Now, The Fix is coming out with an e-book that will reveal EVERYTHING about the singer.

Courtney Comes Clean will have crazy access to her life and the interview. The e-book will have interviews and excerpts from daughter Frances and mother Linda Carroll as well as revelations about Courtney’s past.

Some of the revelations include Courtney’s plan to sell Kurt Cobain’s estate and her financial troubles after his death.

There is even a section where she got coke delivered to Dr. Phil‘s house!!!

On her drug use, Courtney says the following:

“I don’t do street drugs anymore. My medications are all legally prescribed by prominent physicians. I’m entirely legal. But the truth is, I’ve never claimed to be anyone’s role model. I’m not Mother Theresa. All I’m trying to do is stay alive

The e-book is on sale today.

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Feb 2, 2012 3:30am PDT