Emily Blunt Almost KILLED Tom Cruise While Filming Edge Of Tomorrow & You’ll NEVER Believe How!

emily blunt almost killed tom cruise

Could you IMAGINE almost KILLING Tom Cruise?!?

We can’t believe he let Emily Blunt survive after what she did!

The Edge of Tomorrow actress was chatting with Conan O’Brien and she revealed that she was performing a stunt, because Tom does all his own stunts, and ended up almost ending her co-stars life!

Yikes! We can only IMAGINE how scary that must have been!

Ch-ch-check out Emily telling her near-death encounter tale…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

LOLz!! That poor girl!

Good thing they both survived so that Emily could see her adorable daughter Hazel grow up and Tom could live to see Suri again!

But, we do have to admit, it is a pretty funny story!

Jun 5, 2014 4:50pm PST

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