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Lifestyle Expert Emily Loftiss Shares Her Must Have Products

Emily Loftiss

Our special guest contributor, lifestyle expert Emily Loftiss, is here to share her top science driven products you need to know about.

Folks are always looking for products which have science driven data when purchasing different brands. It always makes you feel like you are getting more bang for your buck when you KNOW something will actually work! Luckily, Emily Loftiss always has her pulse on what’s trending.

The Queen of Everyday Glam has picked her top science driven products for the month of March!

Check out the below from Emily:

Like the ‘Big Bang Theory,’ I have some knowledge for you! Let me introduce you to PROVEN.  An award-winning skincare line that takes the guesswork out of skincare. PROVEN’s formulations are created by the brilliant head of dermatology at Stanford University, and rooted in the largest beauty database in the world, the proprietary Skin Genome Project. They take into account more than 47 factors about an individual when selecting their skincare routine. Everything from your family genes and lifestyle, to the level of pollution in your environment water in your home is accounted for. WOWZA! Simply take their super easy free 3-minute Skin Genome Quiz, which mimics the evaluation that you’d get at a dermatologist office, then receive a 3-product system that provide your skin with everything it needs (and nothing that it doesn’t)! Visit to learn more.

One thing I never forget is my phone, but sometimes I do forget about the danger I’m holding right next to my face. But, thanks to SAFESLEEVE, a cell phone cover and EMF radiation protector, I feel more at ease.  Featured on LA Times and Forbes, SAFESLEEVE is known for their incredible technology. The goal is to minimize your EMF exposure with products that are fashionable and functional without having to change your relationship with your phone aka your best friend. Radiofrequency radiation exposure from the iPhone 7 — one of the most popular smartphones ever sold — measured over the legal safety limit and more than double what Apple reported to federal regulators from its own testing. YIKES! FCC accredited lab tested shielding technology, coupled with military grade drop tested durability – SafeSleeve science driven cases minimize your EMF exposure, protect your phone and lighten your carry. Plus, they come in a variety of lovely colors and styles to fit your lifestyle! Find the perfect case for you at

Busy Box Child Sensory Play Kits
Kids in today’s world are lacking physical activity and need to sharpen their sensory skills. Perfect for those tools, Busy Box Child makes life a whole lot easier with Sensory Kits targeted to exercise your children’s touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing skills. The founder of this brilliant company, Carolyn Rahnama, is a Child Clinical Psychologist who designed these playful boxes for kids to have fun and contribute to their physical and social well-being. Carolyn taught me that a significant percentage of a child’s IQ develops by the time they are 4 years old. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? That’s why providing early opportunities for the brain to build nerve pathways to improve IQ and learning later on is important- especially through enjoyable and meaningful playtime. These science driven kits allow children to explore new sensations and let their natural senses takeover. These boxes let parents enjoy their much-needed quiet time while their child enjoys their fun activities! Yay for Play!  Visit today.

Honey Eczema Co
Sometimes science is simple… as in simple ingredients to make a simple, gentle and effective solution to your ongoing skin problem. Honey Eczema is here to soothe and ease your itchy skin rashes with products that make you feel good. From skin conditions like eczema, wounds and burns, to coughing, colds and asthma – Honey Eczema Co heals it all. 32 millions of Americans are estimated to have symptoms of eczema including 20% of children. They don’t just treat the condition; they treat people and their lifestyle. They put emphasis on high-quality, food-grade natural ingredients known for their revitalizing and skin-loving properties. The science derived formulas are pure, calming and they work. Clean, safe and non-toxic – free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol, petrolatum and steroids, “Give us 24 hours and you will see the difference!” says the Founder of Honey Eczema Co.

Invisible First Defense NanoGlass Screen Protector by Qmadix.
This Invisible First-Defense NanoGlass, Liquid Screen Protector is the best protection for your smartphone, tablet or smart watch screen. Qmadix has made it simple. It is a wipe that you can swab across the screen and voila NanoGlass bonds to the screen after 5 short minutes! Over the course of a year, Americans crack more than 50 million phone screens- I am included in that number (sigh). The screen provides support against strong acids and is alkali resistant. Additionally, it is heat resistant and made from natural materials similar to glass but much harder. You choose from $100 to up to $350 towards your device’s screen repair, you will receive Screen Protection and Replacement Coverage. Finally, there’s a simple solution putting on NanoGlass and breathe a little easier when we drop our phones… again.

Say goodbye to your old noisy stove kettle and say hello to the sexy glass kettle by OVENTE. The ProntoFill Technology makes for the easiest use with a simple fill and boil with the click of a button, your hot water is ready. This science driven product is innovative and makes multitasking a lot easier; just click a button and stop worrying about leaving the stove on. The electric kettle includes a convenient filling process at the top of the kettle so there won’t be a need to ever lift the lid. Additionally, the durability of the borosilicate glass allows for extreme temperatures, so your beverage will be hotter for longer and an easy cleaning process to boot! Now who says a watched pot never boils.

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[Image via Emily Loftiss]

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