Exclusive Photos Of Johnny Weir’s Little Black Dress Collection


The second annual Ice Dreams tour starring Johnny Weir is returning to Chicago this April 30th, and in an exciting twist, Johnny will debut his Little Black Dress collection during the event!

The show this year will feature 100 young, local skaters in a group number as well as performances by Weir and several other talented and Olympic skaters.

And during the show, pieces from Johnny’s collection for Spring/Summer 2011 will be modeled and then simultaneously available for purchase on eDressMe.com.

Says Weir about the event:

“Performing with young skaters is great, because our fans are what keep us going. It is our job to inspire young skaters and encourage them to follow their dreams on and off the ice.”

And when it comes to his collection, he adds:

“With my name and legacy, people have learned to expect the unexpected, and this collection breaks the mold with its fresh and unique designs. The level of design is complemented by my understanding of a woman’s body, and my knack to refine the classic “Little Black Dress” with fanciful embellishments like feathers and sparkles.”

To make things even better a portion of the show’s proceeds will go towards benefitting the Japanese Red Cross as well as proceeds from a silent auction held that night!

Check out these exclusive photos of Johnny making some last minute changes on a few of his pieces.

Fierce! Can’t wait to see the final result.

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Apr 21, 2011 7:30pm PST