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EXCLUSIVE: The Best Way To Run With Two Kids

Double it up!
One perecious mommy, Ava, wants to run with her two tots and have a great workout. She asks Perezitos stroller expert Jogger Mom:

“I love to run but, I have 2 young children. Is there such thing as a double tandem running stroller? I live in the city and need one to get thru tight spaces.”

Jogger mom’s tip:

“You are in luck!!! Up until recently there was only a single stroller or a double side by side stroller to run behind. Mountain Buggy recently introduced the +One. This is the first in-line double running stroller. It has lots of great features including:
• Adjustable hood height that grows up with your child
• Conversion kit to use it as a single or a double in-line stroller
• Seats fully recline
• Air filled 12” tires
• Adjustable handlebar for parents of all heights.
The only negative I see with this in-line stroller is that you must use the included cocoon (bassinet) when you have a toddler and an infant riding in it. The infant seat adapter (sold separately) cannot be used when a toddler is riding in the stroller. I still think this would be a great stroller for you. I know if I had 2 children riding in a stroller at once I would have wanted the +One.
Happy Strolling,
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Dec 28, 2011 09:00am PDT