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Ghislaine Maxwell Has Filed More Than 400 Complaints About Her Comfort Level In Prison!

Ghislaine Maxwell Has Filed More Than 400 Complaints About Her Comfort Level In Prison!

Apparently, Ghislaine Maxwell is not enjoying her time in prison and cannot stop whining about it!

As you know, the 61-year-old former lover and right-hand woman to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was found guilty of child sex trafficking and sentenced to 20 years in prison last year. She has since been doing time in a jail in Florida. But it turns out her time in lock-up hasn’t been up to her standards — at all!

According to on Wednesday, Ghislaine has made several complaints about her life behind bars – everything from allergy-inducing pillows, the lack of vegan options on the menu, “unfair treatment” in the facility, and even her inability to get black hair dye to cover up her gray hair. Seriously?! She’s also had issues with everyone from the other inmates, the guards, and even a “rude” laundry lady.

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Ghislaine has made so many complaints so far she’s received a new nickname: “The prison Karen.” Damn. An insider told the outlet:

“Max is the prison Karen. She can file a grievance over anything – she has over 400 of them. She complains about the food, the bedding, when they cancel temple because of bad weather or are late setting up her legal calls. The latest battle is over hair dye. Maxwell hates her gray showing through and she’s filed a grievance because they don’t sell it anymore. When she did her video interview with British TV she paid another inmate $200 for the dye.”

Her whining reportedly began back in July 2020 while awaiting her trial at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. Once she transferred to Tallahassee prison to live out her sentence, the complaints only increased. In fact, she often used her job at the prison’s law library to file BP-9 “administrative remedy” forms more than two times each week! The source claimed:

“When Max got to Tallahassee, she immediately wrote Brooklyn up for taking too long to ship her belongings. Then when her shoes arrived, she refused to hand her temporary slip-ons back to the laundry lady. That caused a big argument and Max complained that she felt threatened and refused to go back to the laundry unaccompanied. That’s her in a nutshell. Every aspect of prison life offers an opportunity for her to play the victim. She creates constant drama for staff and inmates alike.”

That must get old for everyone really fast! Ultimately, the insider said Ghislaine’s end goal is to cause such a headache for everyone that they’ll move her to a better facility in Danbury:

“Max has too many enemies and she wants out.”

From the sounds of it, Ghislaine has created a ton of trouble already that she could get her wish soon. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Michael Carpenter/WENN]

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