Gucci Vs. GUESS: Paul Marciano’s Final Testimony!


Annnnnnd the court drama continues!!

Last Wednesday, GUESS CEO Paul Marciano was questioned for TWO hours by his attorney Daniel Petrocelli, on the origins of the iconic brandΓÇÖs designs during the final testimony in the Gucci Vs. GUESS for it’s ΓÇ£massive schemeΓÇ¥ trademark infringement fiasco.

In case youΓÇÖre wondering how much is on the line, Gucci is seeking $221 million in damages, and plans on keeping GUESS and its exclusive licensee for footwear Marc Fisher Footwear, from selling any Gucci ripoff ΓÇ£InspiredΓÇ¥ merch.

One of the highlights of this weekΓÇÖs drama-filled episode, occurred when team GUESS desperately tried to prove Givenchy was actually the first fashion house to use the ΓÇ£GΓÇ¥. Unfortunately for GUESS, their legal team used a photograph of a Givenchy purse logo, which belonged to a woman they randomly met THAT MORNING as evidence!!!!

You already know where this is going…

GucciΓÇÖs pitbull attorney, Louis Ederer inspected their “evidence” further, and managed to prove that the bag used as ΓÇ£proofΓÇ¥ in the testimony was a fake.

The defense said the woman assured them the bag was authentic, but the judge wasn’t biting. In fact the judge scoffed at their claim, telling Guess’ lawyer “Of course she told you that”.

We canΓÇÖt make this stuff up!!!

After the heated back & forth, Petrocelli wrapped up his examination by asking Marciano why GUESS hadnΓÇÖt ended its partnership with Marc Fisher Footwear back in 2008, when they designed sneakers (again) that were so similar to Gucci’s, even Marciano was ΓÇ£embarrassed ΓÇ¥ causing GUESS to quickly pull the shoes from the market.

Marciano replied by stating, ΓÇ£You have to put it in perspective. Marc Fisher was a new licensee at the time. There was a learning curveΓǪbut we acted within weeks of a mistake.”

After running around in circles for a few hours, the case was adjourned until Monday, and the trial is slated to finally end this week.

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Apr 9, 2012 12:00pm PST