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Harry Styles Nearly DROWNS In His Falling Music Video -- Watch!

We love it when Harry Styles gets wet!

We love it slightly less when he’s completely submerged underwater and nearly drowns — but, hey, when your piano starts leaking and there’s no plumber around to fix it because no plumber was ever taught how to fix a leaking piano, what else can you do but keep playing the leaking piano?

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Thankfully, Harry’s immortal in his Falling music video, so a few minutes underwater doesn’t kill him. He only wakes up later, soaking wet, and starts playing again, only for the cycle to continue in is his own personal No Exit-style hell for all eternity!

Just keep playing, we guess?

Ch-ch-check out the woefully wet music video (above)!

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Feb 28, 2020 11:34am PDT

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