Iggy Azalea Is Well Aware ‘There Is Privilege That Comes With The Color Of Your Skin’ — Here’s Her Take On Racism…

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Iggy Azalea is no longer skittish talking about race.

For an interview with GQ, the Fancy rapper acknowledged her career ups and downs, but also made time to talk about racial and political issues. As Miz Azalea has been accused of appropriating black culture, the 27-year-old decided it was time to address white privilege in regards to the hip hop community.

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The Savior artist noted:

“I understand that in America there is institutionalized racism and there is privilege that comes with the color of your skin. I want you to acknowledge my work and [to understand] that this wasn’t easy but I also don’t want to detract from or trivialize any people of colors’ position because that’s legitimate.”

Fair, fair. Iggy went on to double down on her belief that her success hasn’t been celebrated as she’s “a white woman from Australia.” However, she wants GQ readers to realize that she too faced hardship growing up, thanks to her working-class background.

The Australia native continued:

“I don’t wanna say that everyone’s feelings about racial privilege are invalid ’cause I was poor. But how do we have a conversation where I’m not discrediting either scenario?”

Huh. We’re sure this comment has already ignited some controversy.

Nonetheless, despite her silence regarding police brutality and racism, Iggy wants people to know that causes like Black Lives Matter matter to her. In fact, her lack of participation in political activism is out of fear of deportation:

“I’m not trying to go to a protest where they’re arresting celebrities and making an example of them because I’ll get deported. I understand why people criticize that because I have a voice in hip-hop. I make ‘black’ music. I don’t want people to think it’s not something I care about.”

Sure, she can’t protest in the street, but why isn’t she more active on Twitter?? You know we’re right.

Still, Azalea has been through her fair share of rough patches. Case in point, the demise of her highly publicized relationship with Nick Young. After it was revealed that the NBA baller had been unfaithful, Iggy tried getting in contact with Nick.

Since she was busy filming X Factor Australia, Young skillfully dodged her calls. She recalled:

“He wouldn’t pick up my phone calls to confirm or deny it. So I was sitting there for hours listening to people sing asking, ├óΓé¼╦£Did anybody call my phone?’ Nothing, nothing, nothing. I really didn’t know. No matter what anybody says. Did I know? No.”

How sad. All these negative experiences explain why Iggy is trying to be more human in her new work. She concluded:

“I never want people to see me as a victim. I’m strong and I’m tough but I don’t wanna be a cartoon. I wanna be a person. How can I show that I’m human?”

Inneresting point.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out her FULL interview HERE!

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Apr 20, 2018 12:40pm PST

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