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Mother Claimed 'Possessed' Children 'Walked Up' Walls 'Backwards' -- And State Experts AGREED?!

Mother Claimed 'Possessed' Children 'Walked Up' Walls 'Backwards' & State Experts AGREED?!

A years-old story of a mother claiming her three children were possessed by some kind of demonic spirits is being made into a movie now — and police officials and medical experts who looked into the case AGREED with her!! SpOOky!!

Latoya Ammons and her three children lived in the city of Gary, Indiana a decade ago. In 2011, she reported to authorities her concerns after watching her kids walk up walls, levitate in the air on their own, and speak in deep, threatening voices.

At the time of the reported incidents, in 2011 and 2012, many people initially dismissed Ammons’ claims. But as court documents would later reveal, state medical experts and local police officials reportedly witnessed the scary moments, too. Some even went so far as to back Ammons’ claims! And now the whole thing is being made into a movie!!

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This all first blew up way back in 2014. That year, the Indianapolis Star ran an in-depth report on Ammons’ family. In the newspaper’s report, Gary city police captain Charles Austin was quoted as saying he was “convinced” by the demon possession claims. The police official, who the newspaper noted had 35 years of experience in law enforcement, claimed he became “a believer” after visiting Ammons’ house and interviewing her and the children.

But it’s not just one of the city’s top cops! The Indianapolis Star report unveiled documents written by psychologists in 2012 that seem to confirm Ammons’ possession claims, too! That year, state officials visited the family’s home and reported that they saw a child “speak in different deep voices.” The report further claimed the child “walked up the wall backwards,” before he “flipped over and landed on his feet.”


The childrens’ names were redacted in the paper’s uncovering of the report. Even so, the notes are horrifying. One passage in the state-produced document claims medical staff witnessed a 7-year-old child who “walked up the wall” during their visit. The report added:

“Medical staff reported they observed the children and heard the seven-year-old making growling noises and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. They observed [name redacted] lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him.”

In a separate incident detailed in the report, state personnel alleged one child charged at his grandmother, identified as Rosa Campbell, and “headbutted her several times.”

The report describes the unimaginably creepy incident:

“[Name redacted] began to have a weird smile on his face and he charged at the grandmother’s stomach and head butted her several times until she grabbed his hands and started praying. He was speaking in a different deep voice saying ‘It’s time to die,’ ‘l will kill you. [He] had the weird grin on his face and began to walk backwards while the grandmother was holding his hand and he walked up the wall backwards while holding the grandmother’s hand and he never let go. He flipped over and landed on his feet in front of the grandmother and sat down in the chair.”

Holy S**T!!!

Now, to be fair, other parts of the report mention state officials were concerned about Ammons’ mental health.

Per that Indianapolis Star reveal, one witness notes in the report that the “mother may have mental health concerns,” and that the children are “performing for the mother and she’s encouraging the behavior.” So there were some skeptics (to put it mildly) who shared their opinions on the case.

But it’s crazy that other police officials and state psychologists would have corroborated the situation, too! It’s not as easy to dismiss now that those officials appear to have agreed with at least some of the demon possession claims!!

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According to the original newspaper report, the three kids were eventually removed from the family home by CPS officials. A local reverend identified as Mike Maginot was also called to carry out an exorcism on the family and their house. Per the news outlet, he was reported as having said this after the religious event:

“Whenever you would praise God in Latin, no reaction. But you start condemning the demon, condemning the evil spirit, all of a sudden she [the child] is reacting to that.”


Six months after the exorcism, the children were returned to Ammons’ care. The problems supposedly “subsided” after that.

The Mirror reported this month that different tenants lived at the property after Ammons’ departure. At the time, the new renters had “no complaints” about any paranormal activity. So maybe the exorcism worked? Or something else?! Regardless, the home ended up being demolished in 2016 after a documentary was made about the case.

But why is this all coming up now??

Well, Netflix is producing a film about the situation!! The streaming giant acquired rights to the film, called The Deliverance, in January. Precious filmmaker Lee Daniels is set to helm it. And late last month, they started casting for the project. Andra Day is set to star in a role inspired by Ammons herself. So we have that to look forward to soon!


What do y’all think about this, Perezcious readers?!?!

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