Life-Saving Drug For Infants Just Went Up 2000% In Price Overnight — Here’s What We Know About The Next Martin Shkreli

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Why is this a thing that keeps happening…

Do you remember how that drug company Turing Pharmaceuticals caused major outrage back in September when their AIDS drug Daraprim raised over 5,000 percent in price overnight?

Well it seems as though CEO Martin Shkreli has an admirer because another big pharma powerhouse called Mallinckrodt just shocked users with a 2,000 percent increase!

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Apparently, a Canadian drug called Synacthen Depot is used to treat infants who suffer from epileptic spasms — aka West syndrome — but starting Monday morning, the already-expensive $33 medicine will now cost about $700 for a single vile.

Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children neurologist Dr. Carter Snead has spoken out about how the controversial business move could affect sick kids, saying:

“This was just dropped like a bombshell. They just bought it and jacked up the price.

If the seizures aren’t treated, the child will not regain any milestones.”

Sounds like this case of greed could prove to be fatal.

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We’re hoping the public condemns Mallinckrodt’s disgusting tactics the same way they did Martin’s, but what we really want out of stories like this is a change in pharmaceutical policy.

Do U think corporations should be allowed to keep drugs away from patients by pricing them without regulation??

[Image via Martin Shkreli/Twitter.]

Nov 16, 2015 5:44pm PDT